Our Team

Firefly Mission is 100% volunteer-driven.  For this reason, we often refer to our members as volunteers.  Many have been involved in the work of the organisation and its overseas projects for many years. As like-minded volunteers, our members have over time forged a strong bond of friendship among themselves as would kalyana-mitta (spiritual/admirable friends).

We come from all walks of life.  We have university lecturers, professionals, business owners as well as salaried workers among us.  Many are retirees.  Almost a standard feature is the participation of a whole family.  Several members/volunteers plan their annual holidays around the overseas missions of FFM.

The members of the Executive Committee and other active participants are a good cross-section of our membership profile:

Dr Ng Yee Kong
Yee Kong is an Associate Professor at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. He is one of the founding members of Firefly Mission and is instrumental in charting the growth of the organisation since its inception in 2001. His wife, Mok Siang is highly supportive and together with their 4 children are frequent participants in FFM’s overseas humanitarian missions.In fact, their extended family with multi-generational members, including his 82-year old mother and an uncle, are always involved in FFM activities one way or another.

Arnold Lee
Vice President
Arnold is a Director of Projects & Business Development with an MNC.  He is a civil engineer by training, which makes him a good fit for the numerous construction projects undertaken by FFM.  In the wake of Cyclone Nargis in 2008, he led the first FFM team on-the-ground in Myanmar just two weeks after the storm.  His is also a whole family involvement; he and his wife, Patsy, both their mothers and children are regular participants.

Michelle Lee
Michelle was in the paint industry for 13 years and left her general management position to devote time to her family and volunteer for FFM activities.  Although now residing in Kuala Lumpur because of her husband’s job assignment, she will be in Singapore for the monthly Exco meeting without fail.  Her husband, Daniel, is also an active FFM volunteer and their 3 sons are now regular participants of FFM overseas missions. 
William Yeoh
Vice-President | Laos Project Coordinator
William spent 30 years with Citibank and The Gillette Company and is now a business consultant, specializing in business process improvements.  Since retiring, he and his wife, Corina have become active FFM volunteers. They are our regular hosts for the FFM Exco/Coordinators meetings

Jumiaty Nurawan
Jumi was in the IT industry for more than 10 years before spending more than 8 years in the educational field.  Her husband, Leo is also a strong supporter of FFM.

Rene Cho
Assistant Treasurer
Rene works in the financial service sector.  He was previously the coordinator for the annual Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) kathina to Taiping, Perak (Malaysia).  His wife, Mui Mui, is also an active volunteer, always ready to lend a hand whatever the task.
Low Siew Kiang
Secretary | Sri Lanka Project Co-Coordinator
Siew Kiang is one of the founding members of FFM.  She retired from the banking industry after working for over 20 years.  She took up employment again with a voluntary welfare organisation for two years before retiring a second time in August 2013.
Ong Sian Tjoe
Assistant Secretary | Bhutan Project & Sponsorship Programme Co-Coordinator
Sian Tjoe’s work experience was in management consultancy, human resources & project management.  She now juggles between Singapore and overseas to spend time with her extended family as well as volunteering in various capacities in FFM projects.
Lim Jee Peng
Committee Member | Publicity & Creative Coordinator
Jee Peng does project management in the manufacturing industry.  He is unofficially the ‘Creative Director’ of FFM producing the annual presentation videos and all external publicity materials.
Lim Joon Hiang
Committee Member | Bhutan Project Co-Coordinator
Joon Hiang worked for 35 years in the IT industry.  He retired in December 2013 and now devotes his time to humanitarian work and pursuing his personal hobbies.
Lim Meng Seng
Committee Member | Cambodia & Thailand Projects Coordinator
Meng Seng is a retired police officer. He first joined the FFM trip to Myanmar in 2004 and then volunteered to be Country Co-Coordinator for Cambodia and Thailand projects.
Meiti Robert
Committee Member | Singapore Project Co-Coordinator
After 10 years in the audit and finance industry, Meiti switched to the real estate industry for a more balanced life. She wants to apply Buddhism principles of developing wisdom and practising compassion in daily her life.  She finds in FFM a track record that convinces her that she too can contribute actively to the aspiration of “… together we light up the world”.
Bita Seow
Committee Member | Bhutan Project Co-Coordinator
Bita, a business strategist by profession, is an active volunteer in Buddhist as well as other welfare organisations.  She always involves her two children, Brian and Tara in her voluntary work.  Her mother, Vicky, has also been roped in too.
Tok Meng Haw
Committee Member | Website Co-Coordinator
Meng Haw has been working as an IT professional for 11 years. He started participating in FFM activities in 2006.



Anne Wong
Committee Member | Chinese New Year Celebrations Coordinator
Anne came to know about FFM when she joined the FFM trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend the World Buddhist Conference in 2010. She is currently the Assistant Secretary. Following a career in secretarial and audit, Anne managed a catering business and is a passionate chef, often catering meals for visiting Sangha.
Ng Bee Geok & Eric Chan
Malaysia SBS Retreat Coordinators
Bee Geok, a sister of Yee Kong, is an active volunteer in her own right. She works in the banking industry and is currently the Co-Coordinator for the annual SBS Retreat together with her husband, Eric.
Sandy Lee
Myanmar Sponsorship Programme Coordinator
Sandy, a teacher by profession, is the Sponsorship Coordinator for Myanmar.   In 2010, she spent 3 weeks in Shwegyin to give English lessons to the children.
Yeo Chao Loy
Singapore Project Co-Coordinator
Chao Loy is with the Defence Science Technology Agency since 1992.  A Mechanical Engineer, he is now a Senior Manager. Together with his wife, Jessie, they are active in local projects catering to welfare homes.
Marcus Kam
Singapore Project Co-Coordinator
Marcus works in the engineering sector and is an active volunteer in a range of organisations including Hospice, Riding for the Disabled and Singapore Association for Mental Health.
Ng Lay Hoon
Sri Lanka Project Co-Coordinator
Lay Hoon is a volunteer lecturer at the Buddhist and Pali College, Singapore and was a part-time lecturer in the B.A. programme of the Buddhist College of Singapore. 
Elsie Ling
Sponsorship Programmes Overall Coordinator
Elsie became an active FFM volunteer in May 2006 following her retirement as a human resource professional. She is the first point of contact for many volunteers for FFM overseas humanitarian trips, working behind the scene to coordinate visas, flights, administration, logistics, finances etc.
Loo Kim Lye
SBS Kathina Coordinator
Kim Lye worked in the banking industry for 33 years and retired in November 2013. Together with his wife, Leh Kian, they have been volunteers with FFM since 2011. He took over as the project coordinator for SBS Kathina in 2014.

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