FFM Awareness Campaign

FFM is grateful to Kong Meng San Phor Kark See (KMSPKS) monastery for the opportunity to raise awareness of our humanitarian works. FFM volunteers at the KMSPKS Monthly Prayer (Nov 19. 2014). … together we light up the world Photos taken by Bro Lim J Hiang


Visit to the Bt. Batok Home for the Aged (02-Nov-2014)

In our November 2014 visit, we saw nearly 50 Firefly Mission volunteers turned up at Bt Batok Home for the Aged to help. We provided some songs, dance, Bingo game and packed nasi lemak for the 185 residents.

Check out the next visitation schedule here

[Laos] Third School Project

Construction of a Primary School in Pa Bong Village Following our trip to Laos in February 2014, we identified the third school project in Pa Bong village. The 7 classrooms primary school project started in April 2014 and was completed in September 2014, in time for the new school term…


[Bhutan] Nuns Ordination Ceremony

Project Summary: The Nuns Ordination Ceremony, the first time the Getsulma Dhompa vows were taken on a large scale was held as a result of the discussion and debate at the 1st International Buddhist Nuns Conference on the topic of the ordination of nuns in Bhutan. The ceremony was organised…


[BABWO] New Junior High School Building

CONSTRUCTION OF NEW SANGHATA MITA SABAKA SHANGHA RESIDENTIAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Project Summary: The construction of a new Junior High School building to replace the existing building which is in very poor condition and not conducive for the education of these students. Period: July 2013 to February 2014 (in progress)…


[Laos] Second School Project

Construction of a Primary School in Lao Kham Village Following the completion of the 1st Laos project – Na Saat Lower Secondary School building, FFM embarked on its 2nd Laos project with its local partner, Peter Tan, to build a primary school in Lao Kham village, where the students are…