Myanmar Flood Relief Support ( Aug 2019 )

Raging floods across Myanmar have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in recent weeks, as monsoon rains pummel the nation.

Shwegyin township in Bago region has become a vast lake of water , houses are submerged under water with only rooftops could be seen.

Army troops have been helping to bring people to dry ground and many seeking shelter in local monasteries. Others waded through waist-deep floodwaters or rowed on wooden boats to salvage whatever belongings they could find. Flood water has also forced 58 schools to shut down and flood-hit area are in need of emergency supplies.

Firefly Mission has raised funds and partnered with Shwegyin Youth Development Center (YDC), led by Bhante Dr U Aggasara & assisted by Bro Aye Chan, to provide relief for those severely affected by the flood.

The tasks to deliver relief items to affected communities were tough. As most roads are submerged with water, trucks carrying relief items faces great difficulties to reach affected area. Small sampan boats are used to reach the worst hit area.

With the tireless & strong support of Shwegyin YDC, our relief supplies have finally reached the stricken communities. Relief supplies includes Cooking oils, rice, cooking utensils, candles, tents, blankets and other items have been timely distributed to the households in need.

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