The FFM started to look into sponsoring projects in Cambodia in 2008.  A group of our volunteers went to meet several local NGOs and identified the Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) as a possible local partner to work with.

We now provide financial support to the SCC in two of its activities:

  1. Funeral Support to poor families and especially those affected by HIV/AIDS. (Hyperlink)
  2. Children Basic Education (CBE) programme. (Hyperlink)

Local Partner
The SCC is a faith‐based organisation set up in 1994 with the objectives of reducing the stigma associated with HIV and educating the communities on preventive measures against the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Through the compassion and dedication of the Buddhist monks and nuns involved, together with its staff members, volunteers and generous supporters, the SCC has been able to improve the lives of many people suffering from HIV/AIDS.  Its work includes providing support to the families of the patients and the children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

It has since moved into providing basic education for children.  It targets children excluded from the public education system because of economic and social reasons.

Initially confined to Phnom Penh, the SCC has now extended its coverage to other areas like Battambang and Siem Reap.  In 2011, the SCC was awarded the GPP in recognition of its good governance and professional practice.


Cambodia Project 2020

This report summarizes the 2 main projects in Cambodia for year 2020. The projects are the Funeral support for underprivileged people and the Basic education for Children. Funeral Support FFM partner with Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) to support the Funeral support service in Cambodia. They are mainly elderly people with ...

Cambodia Funeral Support

Funerals Support for the Poor & Vulnerable in Cambodia Since 2008, together with our partner in compassion, Salvation Center Cambodia (SCC), we have been running the funerals support, initially for people who died from AIDs, and then extended to the very poor and vulnerable in Phnom Penh Municipality, Siemreap and ...

Cambodia School & Funeral Projects 2018

Firefly Mission has partnered with Salvation Cambodia Centre (SCC) to support on 2 main projects -  Funeral Project for the poor or those died of AIDS/HIV and the Children Basic Education Program (CBE) which offers free basic education for children who are very poor and some may not have the ...

FFM-Cambodia 2018 Mission

FFM-Cambodia 2018 Mission 3-6 May 2018 Our projects in Cambodia cover : - support for Funeral Expenses to the very poor & - support of Before & After Care for Children from Poor Families To date, we had supported thousands of funerals, especially to patients who died from AIDS. We ...

[Cambodia] Funeral Support to poor families and especially those affected by HIV/ AIDS

Project Description: This is a project like no other anywhere in the world.  Providing funeral support is not a normal kind of assistance within the agenda of NGOs carrying out charitable or welfare work.  In this project, we provide financial assistance to poor families to give their dead relatives a ...

[Cambodia] Children Basic Education (CBE) programme

Project Description: This is also a project in support of the work of the Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC).  It started in January 2013 upon the request of the SCC.  FFM has agreed to support this programme on a yearly basic.  (Details of what we do in this project) The SCC ...

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