[Cambodia] Children Basic Education (CBE) programme

Project Description:

This is also a project in support of the work of the Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC).  It started in January 2013 upon the request of the SCC.  FFM has agreed to support this programme on a yearly basic.  (Details of what we do in this project)

The SCC runs the Children Basic Education (CBE) programme for the poor children in Veal village, Sangkat Kork Chok in Siem Reap Province.  This programme aims to improve basic educational facilities available to children from poor families to make sure that when they come of age they will attend the public schools and continue to do so for as long as possible.  It has also the important objective of keeping the children off the streets lest they come under bad influences and get involved in undesirable activities.  Some of the children are forced to go on to the streets to earn some money for their families or to beg.  The CBE programme provides the children with school uniforms and also looks into their nutritional and health care needs.

Rin sreykea is a student in the CBE programme. She said that she was weak in her study and used to get low scores for her tests.  But after receiving help under the CBE programme in the past one year she felt more confident and now found that she liked to study.  She is especially fond of the library for the books there that she liked to read.  She also enjoyed attending the foreign language lessons under the CBE programme.


Ai sophy is a young boy from Kvean village.  He said that before he attended this school he could not read or write English.  Now everything about my education had changed and I could read and write.  I would like to say thank you to the CBE programme.


Mon savin is also from kvean village.  He said that even though he was from a poor family in his heart he did not want to be also poor in knowledge.  I felt so happy to be a CBE student.  The school gave me the chance to gain more knowledge.

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