[Cambodia] Funeral Support to poor families and especially those affected by HIV/ AIDS

Project Description:
This is a project like no other anywhere in the world.  Providing funeral support is not a normal kind of assistance within the agenda of NGOs carrying out charitable or welfare work.  In this project, we provide financial assistance to poor families to give their dead relatives a proper funeral.  In most of these cases, the deceased were suffering from HIV/AIDS.  Some of them were abandoned by their families because of their conditions.

The Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) has been recognized as the only NGO to provide funeral support services to the poor in Cambodia.  Other religious bodies also seek help from SCC to provide such support.  In deciding to support the SCC in this aspect of its work, we take into consideration the fact that providing funeral support is not normally catered to by the assistance it receives from other international NGOs.  To date, FFM has provided financial assistance to defray the cost of 1,500 funeral services.  In each case, FFM will see to the purchase of a casket and the fees required for the funeral rites and the cremation after receiving the recommendations from the SCC.

Our goal is to offer a dignified send off for the deceased and give some comfort to the loved ones they left behind.

A word of thanks from Ven. Som Chea, Monk Team Leader, Salvation Centre Cambodia:

Thank you for your contribution, this funeral support is very valuable and it is the highest hope for the poorest family in Cambodia.

When the poorest died everywhere or the hospitals in Phnom Penh or in the provinces, they always came to SCC monks or SCC representative for financial assistance to help them to managed the funeral ceremony.

The monks from SCC(Cambodia) had share with me a case of funeral support contributed by Firefly Mission. The picture deceased was passed away due to diabetes and her family very poor.


After death, her body was brought to the crematorium in Sansamkusala Temple (Cambodia), her body was placed in the open space in front of the crematorium.

Her only son do not had money to buy a coffin or woods for organizing the funeral ceremony.

Your contribution for the funeral support has assisted him to perform a simple and respectful funeral.

Ven. Som Chea
Monk Team Leader

Salvation Centre Cambodia(SCC)
Office Address: # 12E0, Street 79BT,
Sangkat Beung Tompun , Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh,

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