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Udon Thani – Wat Pa Sathatawai (Abbot Ven Acariya Boonmee Thammarato)

Venerable Acariya Boonmee Thammarato, Chief Abbot, Wat Pa Sathatawai (Wat Tham Tao) Nongwuasor, Udorn thani Province. He is himself one of the outstanding and distinguished figure in contemporary Thai Buddhism. He is a forest monk of renown in Thailand and the word “Forest monk” signifies a monk who is a master of meditation, who gains his wisdom and his power through intense contemplation and practices. Venerable Acariya Boonmee practices under the guidance of a forest monk as Venerable Acariaya Mun. He has taught meditation to monks in his temple as well as many institutions, both public and private.

Born in August 7,1948, in the northeastern of Thailand in the province of Burirum, Acariya Boonmee was ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1975 at Suthijinda Temple in Nakorn Rachashima Province, Punsa 36 years.

He was stayed with Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa Yanasampanno at Wat Pa Ban Tad for 6 years during his Punsa 5-11. Before that he stayed with Acariya Maha Kien Thitasrilo at Rangsri Paliwan temple in Kalasin province. Both of his masters are student of VENERABLE ACARIYA MUN BHURIDATTA TRERA “.  During 1993-1994, Luang Po Boonmee stayed during rain retreat at Phusongko temple together with Venerable Acariya Wanchai Wijitto and Venerable Acariya Lai Santingaro.

On April 1995, Venerable Acariya Maha Boonwa Yanasampanno gave the permission to him to take care Wat Pa Sathatawai since then, He looks after and teaching dhamma as well as meditation to his monks,

  1. Partially donated a Kuttie at Wat Pa Sathatawai.
  2. Donated to the flood relief project during Thailand worse flood led by Luang Phor Boonmee.
  3. Restore the radio station of Luang Thad in Bangkok


Background of the monastery :
Wat Paa Taa Ngam has its humble beginning as a stopover for the tudong disciples of Ajaan Sao and Ajaan Mun . It was infested with tigers, elephants and all sort of wild animals. One of the monk who was ordained as at novice in 1947 narrate that at that time, the sala was built of thatched leaves . When it came to dusk, he was kept awake due from the growls and roaring of the tigers in the vicinity.  The current abbot of Wat Paa Taa Ngam is Than Ajahn Somporn.

On year 2011, the disciple of LP Boonmee, Ajahn Somporn approved FFM to support for building a new sala as the old sala been infected by termites.

During the Kathina month FFM EX-Co approached Ajahn Somporn and informed him that FFM will support the building of New Sala.

The new sala work commence on Jan/2012, and on the month of March 2012 a team of volunteers visited Wat Paa Ngam  for Sala progressed updating.

The New Sala been completed with a new green stone Buddha on the Nov/2012.

During the Kathina day on Nov/2012, we had a ceremony for offering the new sala and Buddha rupa to the sangha community at Wat Paa Ngam(Kalasin).

  1. Sala and Buddha rupa for Than Ajahn Somporn monastery.


Maha Sarakhem
During the Kathina month of Nov/2012, FFM had offer the new sala and Buddha Rupa to Wat Paa Taa Ngam at Ban Sammo, Kalasin, Thanland. After the offering of the new sala and Buddha Rupa to Ajahn Sompurn ,FFM also visited Wat Tham Tao(Udon Thani) and pay respect to LP Boonmee.

LP Boonmee talking to FFM Ex-Co whether FFM would like to support another new sala building for his disciple Phra Ajahn Soiy at Wat Soke Tea/ Maha Sarakhem/Thailand.

Wat Soke Tea situated in the northeastern (Isan) region of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are  Kalasin, Maha Sarakham and Khon Kaen.

This monastery is near to a hospital and district office, as Maha Sarakhem will be develops, the construction for the new sala will help to upgrade the image of Buddhism and serving the local communities by providing the teaching of Buddha and allow the them to make merit.

There is a real urgency to revitalise the tradition and culture of Theravada Buddhism through worthy disciples of the Forest Sangha for the benefits of all practising Buddhists.  Most importantly, the benefits are immeasurable in the area of environmental conservation and the preservation of the local culture where their existence is under threat.

FFM Ex-co immediate respond to LP Boonmee request. On Jan/2013 the new sala plan been approved by LP Boonmee and the construction commence.

Between year 2013 and year 2014.FFM team been visited Wat Soke Tea several time to follow up with the work in progress. The new sala construction work completed on the 1st week of Oct/2014 with the installation of new Buddha Rupa.

On the 19/10/2014, FFM hosted a Kathina event at Wat Soke Tea and have a ceremony for offering the New Sala and Buddha Rupa to sangha communities.

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