[Thailand] Thai Flood Relief Efforts

Project Description:
During the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand and triggered by the landfall of Tropical Storm Nock-ten, severe flooding occurred and spread through the provinces of Northern, Northeastern and Central Thailand. The flooding persisted until mid-January 2012 affecting some 2.45 million people in 28 provinces, destroying more than 800,000 homes and a death casualty of 366 people.

FFM donated rations comprising of water, packed food, candles and medicine. While FFM volunteers personally helped to distribute the rations to those affected by the floods in Northern part of Bangkok.

Local Partner:
The relief efforts were organized by Luang Phor Boonmee, Abbot of Wat Tham Tao (Thailand) and Ajahn Keng of Wat Santi (Malaysia). In the tradition of the late Luang Ta Maha Boowa, Luang Por Boonmee, one of his senior disciple had been helping to provide relief, distributing rations through the village headman who would in turn distribute rations to the families in the village. However as flooding worsened, the ground situation was overwhelming with some families having to share one packet of mama noodles. On learning of this situation, FFM mobilized to fund raise and help in whatever way possible with this flood relief effort.

Photoes of Thai flood relief 2011 organised by Luang Phor Boonmee and rations donated by Firefly Mission below.

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