[Thailand] Community Welfare in Fang & Piang Luang (Border between Chiang Mai/Thailand and Shan State/Myanmar)

Project Description:
The Fang and Piang Luang initiative was suggested by a volunteer Bro Ernest in order to help the refugees from Myanmar who are residing in this area.

Fang and Piang Luang are situated at the Chiang Mai province/Thailand at the border of Myanmar Shan State. While Mae Sot is located at the Tak Province/Thailand near the Karen state of Myanmar .

With the objective of creating a better, brighter and safer future for the children and villagers living in Thai and Myanmar border, FFM contributed to the following programmes:
1) Providing food enhancement for the school children,
2) Stationery for the children,
3) Novice education program,
4) Building a block of class rooms and a block of bamboo class room for the children.

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