In mid 2011, the Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage (BABWO) faced a food crisis in feeding the 120 children under their care due to limited aid from the local government and irregular support from donors. The BABWO Volunteer Charity Adviser, Bro Mong Mong Thun Marma approached Firefly Mission. Two FFM volunteers visited BABWO in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh in July 2011 and discovered that the food crisis was critical. On behalf of FFM, they made a donation to enable BABWO to continue to feed the 120 children for the next six months. Further visits were made by FFM volunteers in February 2012 and January 2013 and a number of projects have since been implemented in support of the minority Buddhist community in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Focus of Our Mission


  • BABWO Dormitory Extension Construction Project
  • Construction of Residential Junior High School
  • Bangladesh Children Sponsorship Programme
  • School Uniforms & Stationery

Community Welfare

  • SSSBO Solar Lighting and Water Supply Project
  • BSG Security Fencing Project, Urgent financial support for foods and blanket and jacket
  • BTO Urgent financial support for foods, blanket and jacket

Project Updates & Recent News

Annual Stationery Distribution to 10 Orphanages

FFM has sponsored the annual education stationery to 10 orphanages in Bangladesh, Chittagong Hills district area. On 5th Feb 2022, Bhante U Khema Chara Mahathero, founder president of Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage(BABWO) has helped to organize the stationery distribution to the 10 orphanages ( BABWO, LCH, MSS, KSS, AO, ...

Annual Stationery Distribution at BABWO Orphanage – Bangladesh

The Annual education stationery distribution sponsored by Firefly Mission (FFM) started on Sunday, 6th Feb 2022. Bhante Ven Khemachara Mahathero distributed books & stationery to all the children at Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage (BABWO) at Rajasthali, Rangamati Hill Districts, Chattogram, Bangladesh. The children were very happy to receive the ...

Blankets distribution to 100 Bangladesh families – Jan 2022

On Saturday 29 Jan, 2022, Firefly Mission has sponsored warm blankets to 100 poor families in Bangladesh. The distribution was well organized by Bhante Mahathero and BABWO Children Orphanage at Chittagong, Bangladesh. The villagers were very thankful for the blankets which will greatly help them to combat the bitter cold ...

BABWO-FFM Reunion 2021 over Zoom

We had successfully conducted our reunion meeting with Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage (BABWO) over the cloud this afternoon (25-Sep-2021). We are so glad to see all the happy & healthy faces. We thank Bhante U Khemachara Mahathera (Founder & Principal) for his dedication in looking after the children in ...

Handwriting & drawing competition at BABWO

BABWO Orphanage conducted the quarterly handwriting and drawing competition on 24th Jun 2021. The aim is to encourage the children to write and draw creatively & beautifully. There were prize rewards for the children who did their best ...

Relief Support to fire victims in Bangladesh – May 2021

A raging fire broke up in the night of 17 May 2021 and razed the homes of 70 families to ashes in Bangladesh. It was a black Monday for the Village with a total of 89 families in Talukder Para, Taracha Union, Rowanchari Sub-district, Bandarban Hill Districts. Most people are ...

Lotus Children Home (Bangladesh) Drainage Project Update – May 2021

The extended drainage project at Lotus Children Home @ Chittagong Hills Tract (Bangladesh) has been progressing well. Here are some photos on the project updates ...

Lotus Children Home – Dining Hall Project Update – Apr 2021

The Dining Hall Project is jointly funded by Firefly Mission and Lotus Children’s Education Trust for the Lotus Children Home at Bangladesh. As of today, ground leveling has been completed and roofing works is in progress. Below are some photos on the project progress ...

Distribution of Education & Stationery items (Chittagong Hill Tracts)

Firefly Mission's annual distribution of stationery material, food & welfare supplementary funds to orphanages in Chittagong Hill Tract Region, Bangladesh ... together we light up the world ...

BABWO’s children study at home

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our sponsored children at BABWO, Chittagong Hill Tract started their study at the home instead of going to the public schools. Arrangements have been made to teach the children in their study as well as providing extracurricular activities after study. Also, we are glad to have ...



Voices from the Heart

BABWO Founder President - Ven U Khemachara Mahathero

BABWO Founder President - By Ven U Khemachara Mahathero


Before did not meet with Firefly Mission, my orphanage children and I was in difficult condition. The condition of the Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage are changing since 2012 met the Firefly Mission in July 2011 though the Bro Mong Mong Thun Marma and receiving many kind of support from Firefly Mission such as 1st floor extended dormitory, children sponsorship program and in-kind donation; school uniform, blanket and jacket and education stationeries. It is happening by Bro Mong Mong Thun Marma for his gave built a bridge of relationship between BABWO and Firefly Mission unless still I have to live in difficult condition. I shall never forget it and blessing to all of you for your Metta.

Now I can live and looking after our orphanage children without any difficulties. Timely I can feed our children, with satisfactoriness our children are getting chance to study their education without any difficulties.
Through the BABWO the other three orphanages; Sanghamitta Saba Sangha Buddhist Orphanage, Buddha Shishu Ghar, and Buddhist Temple Orphanage are received support and donations from Firefly Mission. There are Residential Junior High School, Barbed wire fencing project and donation for foods, blankets, jacket and solar, water tank and generator. I am very happy for it. I sincerely gratitude and blessing to all of members of Firefly Mission including Swan fund, Donors, supporters and well-wishers of BABWO may happy, healthy, prosperous and live long.

Nibba Nassa Pachaya Hontu!

Venerable U Khemachara Mahathero (BABWO Founder President)


BABWO Children

BABWO Children and Bro Mong

Our Children

We are very happy for can live and study at BABWO peacefully and lighting up our lives. Thank you all Firefly Mission donors and Sun Fund, Singapore.


Parent and guardian of our children

Yes, we are also very happy for can send our children to the BABWO unless we have to difficult and our children also cannot get chance to do access education and deprived from their education rights and difficult to find the way of their brightness life. We are gratitude to BABWO and their donors.

Voice of Bro Mong

Yes of course, I feel very happy for could do something for BABWO, Firefly Mission and others in this life. It is my wholesome works. I cannot donate much but I love to help others as can as possible till the dead and give build a bridge of relationship between BABWO and Firefly Mission as if they can do their wholesome/Dana works. I myself would like gratitude to Firefly Mission and Swan Fund from my heart for their valuable kindness support. I have been done charity works and doing too. All the achieved of my wholesome/Dana are dedicated to late my beloved Mother and Father and all. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!

Bro Mong Mong Thun Marma

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