BABWO-FFM Reunion 2021 over Zoom

We had successfully conducted our reunion meeting with Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage (BABWO) over the cloud this afternoon (25-Sep-2021).

We are so glad to see all the happy & healthy faces. We thank Bhante U Khemachara Mahathera (Founder & Principal) for his dedication in looking after the children in all their needs, physical and mental as well as education. Bhante is assisted by a group of dedicated teachers and of course Bros Mong Marma and Ushaie Mong Marma, who helped to coordinate many activities at BABWO.

We concluded the session with our theme song, Boundless Love, an inspiring song by Bodhicitta. We would like to thank Bro Goh Kuan Seng and Sis Melinda Toh-Ng , togeth

er with Bros Mong & Ushaie who helped to plan & organize this cloud reunion. Looking forward to meeting in person when situations and conditions allow. Till then, please do stay safe & healthy.

Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu. May All Beings be Well, Happy & Peaceful … together we light up the world

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