Laos has a population of 6.5 million, and is one of the poorest country in the world.

FFM made its recce trip to Laos in Feb 2013, where we met our local coordinator, Peter Tan, who has worked/lived in Laos for 18 years. We visited several areas and noticed the poor conditions of the schools that need urgent help.

Following the visit, Firefly Mission built the first school in middle of the year and completed in November 2013. The second school started in November 2013 and completed in February 2014. The third school started in May 2014 and completed in October 2014.

The Laos government recognizes the importance of education but, being a poor country, lack the financial resources to provide proper schools.

Firefly Mission appeals to our volunteers to support our efforts in providing safe and conducive schools for the children of Laos.

Project Updates / Recent News

Laos Project #25 Namuang Primary school

22nd Feb 2022 is the official start of FFM's 25th project to build a new primary school in Khongsedone District, Saravanh Province. The new primary school called Namuang Primary school will be built on vacant plot of land next to the secondary school. The school consists of 5 classrooms, 1 ...
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Distribution of aids to Laos Covid-19 Quarantine Center

We have another Covid-19 project, this time for Covid-19 Quarantine Center in Vientiane, Laos. We thank the Singapore Embassy in Vientiane for representing us in distributing the aids to Covid-19 Quarantine Center in Laos - thanks for the kind summary of our involvement and commitment in education and community welfare ...
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Laos School Project 2021 Updates

PROJECT #23, NA CHAN PRIMARY SCHOOL Location : Xaiphouthong District, Savannakhet Province Construction : 5 new classrooms & 4 toilets Construction start : Feb 2021 Budget :U$60,800 Sponsored by : Bro Raymond Ang PROJECT #24, KEN THONG PRIMARY SCHOOL Location: Sepon District, Savannakhet Province Construction : 5 New classrooms plus ...
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Covid-19 Relief Project 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, the spread of Covid-19 has impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide. While Singapore has its fair share of Covid-19 infections, overall, what most Singaporeans suffer are mere inconveniences as a result of restrictions in our daily lives. In comparison, for many marginalized communities, ...
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Laos Project 2020

This report summarizes Firefly Mission's Laos projects in the year of 2020. Background Firefly Mission (FFM) made its first recce trip to Laos in Jan 2013, since 2013 to end 2020, FFM has fully sponsored 21 schools, partial sponsored 3 schools and 1 dormitory in Laos. Each school that we ...
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Covid-19 Relief Program for Laos (2nd week)

FFM's Covid-19 Relief Program has entered into its 2nd week of contribution of ration. This event is organized by Bro Christopher and his team ...
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FFM’s Covid-19 Relief Program in Laos

FireFly Mission's Covid-19 Relief Program has recently been extended to Laos PDR. A food ration distribution program for the needy and poorest affected by the Covid-19 pandemic will run for 6 Saturdays starting 15 August. The first recipients were students and teachers of a poor government school, Oukmong Primary School ...
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FFM has completed construction of new schools in Laos

Covid19 pandemic has not stopped Firefly Mission from doing its work for the benefit of the disadvantaged in society. Despite a two month lockdown in April and May, our team in Laos managed to complete the construction of two schools at Savannakhet and Saravan Province, Southern Laos. The completion is ...
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Laos Schools Projects #17 & #18

In the midst of so much uncertainties and challenges, we received some happy updates from our team in Laos PDR on 2 school projects.- Laos Project #17Dongkhankhou Village Secondary School, Chomphet District, Savannakhet province- Laos Project #18Fungthanyai Village Lower Secondary SchoolSaravan province Projects progressing ahead of schedule and expect completion ...
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Laos Project 2019 Updates

Background Firefly Mission (FFM) made its first recce trip to Laos in Jan 2013, since 2013 to end 2019, FFM has fully sponsored 18 schools, partial sponsored 3 schools and 1 dormitory in Laos. Each school that we build symbolizes a little dot of light, a light of hope for ...
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Press Release – Firefly Mission, Singapore Hands Over Three School Buildings in Laos

A group of 29 volunteers from Firefly Mission, Singapore (FFM) visited Laos recently to witness and celebrate the handover of 3 schools. These are the latest additions, making a total of 14 schools built by FFM in Laos so far, all generously sponsored by fellow Singaporeans. Firefly Mission (FFM) is ...
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Laos Projects Report 2018

Below report shares Laos Projects on school & education and disaster reliefs works from 2013 to 2018. We have successfully built 14 schools in a short span of 6 years. Each school that we build symbolizes a little dot of light, a light of hope for a brighter future for ...
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Laos Dam Immediate Disaster Relief Works

On the 23 July 2018, Saddle Dam D, part of a hydroelectric dam system under construction in southeast Laos's Champasak Province collapsed, leading to widespread destruction and homelessness among the local population in neighbouring Attapeu Province. Firefly Mission working with our Singaporean Laos coordinator; Christopher Yeo and the local partner ...
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FFM upcoming trips – Invite you to join us

Dear Friends, Firefly Mission (FFM) would like to invite you to join us in lighting up the world. SBS Kathina Trip (26 Oct - 29 Oct 2018) Firefly Mission Myanmar Trip 2018 (08th Dec - 16th Dec 2018 ) Firefly Mission Mae Sot Trip - (25 Dec 2018  – 1 ...
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Laos Humanitarian coming Trip 12-19 Nov 2018

The Laos humanitarian mission aim to create hopes & opportunities to children in Laos. We invite you to join us in Laos from 12-19 November 2018 Highlights: - Handing over 3 newly completed schools in Savannakhet & HinHeub Provinces - Homestay @ Na Saat Village - Visit UNESCO Heritage site ...
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[Laos] 2017 Trip

Our most recent photographs from Laos 2017 trip ...
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[Laos] Third School Project

Construction of a Primary School in Pa Bong Village Following our trip to Laos in February 2014, we identified the third school project in Pa Bong village. The 7 classrooms primary school project started in April 2014 and was completed in September 2014, in time for the new school term ...
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[Laos] Second School Project

Construction of a Primary School in Lao Kham Village Following the completion of the 1st Laos project – Na Saat Lower Secondary School building, FFM embarked on its 2nd Laos project with its local partner, Peter Tan, to build a primary school in Lao Kham village, where the students are ...
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[Laos] First School Project

Construction of a Lower Secondary School in Na Saat Village Effective April 2013, Firefly Mission agreed to fund a Lower Secondary School Building in Na Saat Village as proposed by Peter Tan. His proposal was supported by one of FFM member Dr Tan Ju Le who had met him while ...
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