Laos Project 2020

This report summarizes Firefly Mission’s Laos projects in the year of 2020.


Firefly Mission (FFM) made its first recce trip to Laos in Jan 2013, since 2013 to end 2020, FFM has fully sponsored  21 schools, partial sponsored 3 schools and 1 dormitory  in Laos. Each school that we build symbolizes a little dot of light, a light of hope for a brighter future for the children of Laos… together we light up the world.

For the year 2020, due to Covid-19, there are shortage & delay in supply of building materials thus construction works have to be stopped resulting in delays in building of schools in Laos. In addition, FFM team are not able to travel to Laos to witness the handover opening ceremonies of the schools and other FFM’s projects.

FFM fully sponsored schools & partial sponsored Schools

Below are list of FFM ‘s full sponsorship schools which are completed with furniture, electricity & lighting, toilets and water tank facilities.

  1. Na Saat Village Lower Secondary School
  2. LaoKham Primary school 
  3. Pa Bong Primary school 
  4. Na Saat IT School & Library
  5. Na Kang  Primary School
  6. HinHerb Tai Secondary School
  7. Nam Sad Village Primary School
  8. Huay Ileud Nursery School
  9. Nong Luang School
  10. Kon Keo Secondary School
  11. Vieng Kham Lower Secondary 
  12. Na Sum Primary School
  13. Nonmixay Upper Sec School
  14. Meuang Chanh Lower Sec School
  15. Na Chan Tai Secondary School
  16. Hakxaykham Secondary School
  17. Dongkhankhou Secondary School (Project 2020)
  18. Fungtharnyai Lower Secondary School (Project 2020)
  19. Phang Kokh Primary School (Project 2020)
  20. Ton Tanh Primary School (Project 2020)
  21. Na ChanTai Secondary School TYLEE Wing (Project 2020)

List of Laos school which are partial  sponsorship by FFM

  1. Pong Song Primary School
  2. Na’ Saat Primary School
  3. HinHeub Neua Nursery School

Project progress in 2020

Project 17 – Dongkhankhou School

Chomphone District, Savannakhet Province

a) Dongkhankhou Upper Secondary – Total : 3 classrooms

b) Dongkhankhou Lower Sec School – Total : 4 classrooms

c) Dongkhankhou Lower Sec School – Total : 2 staff-rooms

The 3 schools projects have benefited a total of 735 Students. The projects have been completed in Aug 2020 and ready for the new school term 1 Sept 2020.

Project 18 – Fungtharnyai Lower Secondary School

No. 3, Municipality, Kongsedone District. Saravan Province

Total Project : 6 classrooms fully complete with toilets, furniture, electricity & lighting.

Benefit: 135  Students

Handover to the Village Chief and the School & Village Committee 16 August 2020.

Project 19 – Phang Kokh Primary School

Phang Kokh Village, Municipality, Arsephanthong District, Savannakhet Province

Building:  5 Classrooms + 4 Toilets

Benefit: 141 Students

Project handover: Complete Nov 2020

Project 20Ton Tanh Primary School

Phon Ngoy Village, Municipality, Arsephanthong District, Savannakhet

Project Building:  5 classrooms, 1 staff room & toilets

Benefit:  102 Students

Project still in progress, target to complete by Dec 2020

Project 21 – Na Chan Tai Secondary School (TY Lee)

Phalanxay district, Savannekhet

Project Building: 5 classrooms

Benefits:  135 Students

Target Completion by Nov 2020


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • HE Ms Leow Siu Lin, Singapore Ambassador to Laos
  • Bro Peter Tan, FFM Coordinator in Laos
  • Bro Christopher Yeo, Coordinator in Laos
  • Bro William Yeoh, FFM Laos Coordinator
  • Foundation for Assisting Poor People of Laos
  • All donors for Laos Projects
  • Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named


For further information related to this report, please contact:

 …together we light up the world

Bro William Yeoh
Vice-President & Chief Coordinator, Laos

Firefly Mission




Report prepared: Michelle Lee 18 Nov 2020

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