Major Projects in Myanmar

  • Cyclone Nargis Relief & Rehabilitation + Total Rehabilitation of Village (Model) – Nyein Oo (from May 2008)
  • Shwegyin YDC / Baka School (from 2004)
  • Children Sponsorship Programme (from 2009)
  • Schools in Yathar Village – Primary (Jul 2007) + Middle (Dec 2008) + High (Nov 2010) Schools Buildings + Library (Dec 2012)
  • Annual Eyes Operations Mission @ Nyein Oo Village from 2010
  • Htantabin – Life Skills Education Centre (2008) + Oxygen Supply Clinic (2012) + Kutis + Sayadaw U Kewala also helped to coordinate some schools + Sima Hall building in Upper Myanmar
  • Bilin & TaungXun – Health & Education Projects (from 2002)
  • Lashio – Middle School Building + PreSchool Building + Support of Life skill Projects (from ___)





16-23 June
1st Overseas Mission – Song of Apsaras
Humanitarian Mission – Yangon & Mandalay, the Union of Myanmar

In 2001, partnering with Burmese Buddhist Temple, Kong Meng San Phor Khark See Monastery, National University of Singapore Buddhist Society and Palelai Buddhist Temple; we embarked on the “Song of Apsaras 2001” humanitarian mission to the Union of Myanmar.
The project was divided into the Community Welfare & Education, & the Hearing Aids Project. Over 50 volunteers from our sponsoring organizations took part in this meaningful mission.

  • Community Welfare & Education Project

Over 30 volunteers brought joy & happiness to more than 10 orphanages, schools (inc. special schools for the deaf, blinds & disabled) and monasteries.
S$20,000 worth of goods was donated (medicine, milk powders, books, stationeries, cloth, computers, printers, toys etc).
Another S$15,000 went to building a village school, constructing a deep-well for drinking and purchasing a power generator for a school.

  • Hearing Aids Project

The Hearing Aids team, which comprised of over 20 volunteers, of whom majority are medical students at the National University of Singapore and a surgeon.
They provided screening test and helped in the selection of recipients for the 260 sets of hearing aids. Two sets of hearing test equipments were donated to the Dept. of ENT Surgery, Yangon General Hospital.
In December 2001, 2 doctors and an audiologist were sponsored for the trainers’ training program at the Siemens Medical Instruments, Singapore, by the Song of Apsaras 2001.

Project Updates / Recent News

Distribution of Medicine & food to villagers in Shwegyin, Myanmar

We have another new Covid-19 Relief work, this time is in Myanmar with Shwegyin Youth Development Center (YDC). Bhante (Dr) U Ashin Aggasara is the advisor, assisted by Bro Aye Chan (Toe) in coordinating the preparation & distribution of medicine and food to villagers around Shwegyin affected badly by the ...

FFM-Shwegyin YDC meeting over Zoom – 26 Jun 2021

We were so glad to see Bhante Ashin Aggasara, Bro Toe and all children at Shwegyin Youth Development Center (YDC), Myanmar. This is our first time to to have this wonderful reunion over cloud with our YDC family. Like his old self, Bhante Aggasara has reassured us that all is ...

Myanmar Project 2020

This report summarizes Firefly mission's activities in Myanmar in the year of 2020. Background As early as in 2005, Firefly Mission (FFM) has started projects in the areas of health and community welfare in Myanmar. Till 2020, we have built a total of 70 schools, hundreds of wells, 3 bridges, ...

Covid-19 Relief Project 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, the spread of Covid-19 has impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide. While Singapore has its fair share of Covid-19 infections, overall, what most Singaporeans suffer are mere inconveniences as a result of restrictions in our daily lives. In comparison, for many marginalized communities, ...

Water Project at Gonebin Village, Myanmar

Can you imagine living without water for a third of the year? That was what happened to a village in Myanmar, Gonebin Village. Last December when we were in Myanmar, the Principal of the Gonebin village school, had travelled overnight to meet us to ask for our help. The gesture ...

Myanmar Projects 2019 Summary

Background As early as in 2005, Firefly Mission (FFM) has started projects in the areas of health and community welfare in Myanmar. Till 2019, we have built a total of 69 schools, over 1 hundred of wells, 3 bridges, 1 jetty, 10 medical clinics and various medical facilities including ambulances ...

Dhammaduta Project 2019

Background Firefly Mission aimed to be a respected Buddhist organisation that puts the Buddha’s teachings into action in terms of dana, sila, and bhavana; and promote Dhamma knowledge and practices. As part of our Dhammaduta works, we provides Dhamma talks, meditation retreats, kathina, build Sala (community halls at monasteries), build ...

Myanmar Flood Relief Support ( Aug 2019 )

Raging floods across Myanmar have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in recent weeks, as monsoon rains pummel the nation. Shwegyin township in Bago region has become a vast lake of water , houses are submerged under water with only rooftops could be seen. Army troops have ...

FFM Eye Camps 2019 @ Nyein Oo Village, Myanmar

This has been our annual Eye Camps in Nyein Oo Village since 2010, organized by Bhante Dr U Sopaka & the medical team led by Dr Sa J Lwin this year the cost of the camps is sponsored by family of the late Mr & Mrs Tan Eng Leong 21-Apr: ...

Myanmar Humanitarian & Welfare Project 2018 Report

This latest report covers Firefly Mission's projects in Myanmar from 2003 to 2018. Myanmar is where FFM started our first oversea project back in 2003 and of now, we have involved in numerous projects across Myanmar covering Education & school, Medical & Health, Community welfare, Relief & rehabilitation etc. Background ...

FFM upcoming trips – Invite you to join us

Dear Friends, Firefly Mission (FFM) would like to invite you to join us in lighting up the world. SBS Kathina Trip (26 Oct - 29 Oct 2018) Firefly Mission Myanmar Trip 2018 (08th Dec - 16th Dec 2018 ) Firefly Mission Mae Sot Trip - (25 Dec 2018  – 1 ...

Myanmar Humanitarian coming Trip 8-16 Dec 2018

FFM - Myanmar Humanitarian Trip 8-16 Dec 2018 We invite you to join us in this trip to bring happiness & create hopes & opportunities to children in Myanmar.  Firefly Mission has organized humanitarian trip to Myanmar since 2001 on a regular basis. Highlights : - Officially hand over 2 ...

Eye Camp 2018 @ Nyein Oo Village, Myanmar

Eye Camp 2018 @ Nyein Oo Village, Myanmar 20-22 April The Eye Camp is led by Dr Sa J Lwin. Advisor of project : Ven Dr U Sopaka We thank Venerable, Dr Sa J Lwin & his team of volunteer ophthalmologists, nurses & volunteers who had sacrificed their holiday & ...

[Myanmar] Testimonial from Bhante Sopaka

Testimonial from Bhante Sopaka (our local partner in Myanmar) on the good work that we have accomplished in Myanmar since 2008. To, Firefly Mission, Singapore Date-2.7.2015 The social standards such as the education, the health, the social development of our Ayeyarwady division developed much because of the beneficial work programs of ...

[Myanmar] 3 Story School cum Dormitory

The Firefly Mission continues to be committed to the long term rehabilitation of the victims of Cyclone Nargis which hit Myanmar seven years ago.  A new three-storey building for a school-cum-dormitory at Bogale, Yoke Saing village is now under construction.  It is scheduled for completion in the 3rd quarter 2015 ...

Myanmar Children Sponsorship Programme

Myanmar Children Sponsorship Programme 缅甸儿童赞助计划 This sponsorship programme is in support of children who come from extremely poor families who are unable to support their livelihood and education as well as children who were orphaned by Cyclone Nagis which hit Myanmar in May 2008 and was the worst natural disaster ...

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