Myanmar Project 2020

This report summarizes Firefly mission’s activities in Myanmar in the year of 2020.


As early as in 2005,  Firefly Mission (FFM) has started projects in the areas of  health and community welfare in Myanmar. Till 2020, we have built a total of 70 schools, hundreds of wells, 3 bridges, 1 jetty, 10 medical clinics and various medical facilities including ambulances. FFM have ongoing children sponsorship program, children feeding program, cataract eye camp.

Summary of Myanmar projects in 2020

  • Children Sponsorship Program
  • Jackets for YDC children
  • Building school  @ Ma Gyin Pin Pu village for 2 blocks of 4 classrooms each. Est cost S$108k
  • Clean water project @Gone Bin Village @S$13k
  • Myanmar Feeding program @S$5.5k

Children Sponsorship Program

No. of children on sponsorship program50100120150130109100

Children sponsorship programme is in support of children who come from extremely poor families who are unable to support their livelihood and education as well as children who were orphaned by Cyclone Nagis. The children are staying in the the Shwegyin Youth Development Centre located in Shwegyin and  is managed by Parahita (Charitable) Monastery.

The sponsorship programme started in March 2009 with 50 children and has increased over 100 students.

Jackets for YDC children

Building school

Building school  @ Ma Gyin Pin Pu village for 2 blocks of 4 classrooms each. Est cost S$108k – in progress.

Clean water project @Gone Bin Village @S$13k

In Dec 2019, the Principal of the Gonebin village school had heard that FFM group was in Myanmar for Humanitarian trip. He had traveled overnight to meet FFM members to ask for help to build clean ground water. The project has its challenges as multiple attempts to extract ground water had failed. The villagers and us persevered, and after digging for more than 700 feet underground, we had finally reached clean ground water.

Myanmar Feeding program

The Feeding Program is started by U Min Nyunt and Daw Ya Min, a teacher. Once a week, the teacher & other volunteers cook meal for the children providing important supplement to their diet. FFM has continue with the feeding program for 2020, targeting to feed about 1000 children over 6 schools in LaeMa village and surrounding shanty town area.


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • All sponsors and donors for the various projects
  • Bro Ng Yee Kong – FFM Myanmar Coordinator in Singapore
  • Sis Sally Jie – Myanmar Coordinator in Myanmar
  • Bro U Myin Nyunt – Myanmar Feeding program coordinator
  •  Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named


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Report by: Michelle Lee

                   25 Oct 2020

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