Local Humanitarian Project 2020


Firefly Mission was officially registered under the Societies Act, Singapore in 2005. Although FFM’s humanitarian mission focused mainly on overseas projects, we have a dedicated team providing local humanitarian and welfare works in Singapore on a regular basis.

Summary Projects for 2020

  • Home Visit to Bukit Batok Home for the Aged and RenCi Nursing Home
  • Mid Autumn Festival Bento Dinner
  • Metta Home for the Aged refurbished washroom

Home Visit to Welfare Homes

Every first Sunday of the month, a group of dedicated members for more than 10 years has been visiting Bukit Batok Home for the Aged and RenCi Nursing Home. Every bi-monthly visit to the Apex Harmony Lodge. They bring joy to the residents by entertaining and engaging the residents. A special lunch catered from outside was also provided to the residents. The lunch are sponsored by well wishes from the volunteers.

This year in 2020, due to Covid 19 pandemic, FFM was only able to visit Bukit Batok Home for the Aged and RenCi Nursing Home in January. We were able to celebrate the new year with the residents, bringing much smiles, laughter, Ang-pow, food and beautiful experiences to the residents. 

FFM-WAY Chinese New Year 2020 Celebrations

The event was planned on 8 Feb 2020 at Ban Heng Restaurant @ Harbourfront. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 has been declared by WHO as a global health emergency in late Jan 2020, the committee decided to cancel the event. The event was planned in 2 parts session. The afternoon sessions planned to host residents from 10 Welfare Homes.   The evening sessions is for members, families and friends of FFM and WAY.

We would like to thank all our members, volunteers, families, friends and organizing team for supporting and encouragement towards the planned event.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Every year around the month September, FFM will organize Mid-Autumn Festival celebration for the Home.  Even though this year, our volunteers are unable to celebrate in person with residents, FFM has arranged Bento box dinners to Metta Home for the Disabled @ Woodlands and Thye Hua Kwan Home for Disabled Adults @ Chai Chee for their celebration.

Also, with sponsorship from one of our FFM member, we have distributed mooncakes to 3 homes – THK SAC @ Toa Payoh, Tai Pei Elderly Homes and  Jenaris Home @Pelangi Village.

Metta Home for the Aged refurbished washroom

Presently, the toilet floor is prone to flooding issues and poses a risk for trips and falls due to the slippery floor. There are also a need to replace the shower curtains with PVC doors as the residents have a tendency to pull the curtain and wrap the shower curtain around their necks.

Refurbished work includes to hack and replace existing floor tiles with anti-slip floor tiles. Replace toilet bowls and install shower kerb. Install custom sized door.  Work In-progress.


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • Meiti Roberts – FFM coordinators
  • Marcus Kam – FFM coordinators
  • Yeo Chao Loy – FFM coordinators
  • Melinda Ng – FFM coordinators
  • Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named

May we share the merits incurred herewith with our dearly departed ones, with our living relatives, friends, and all sentient beings.

May all be well, may all be happy.

May causes, conditions and resultants of this wholesome events, lead us to good health and wisdom.

May longevity, beauty, happiness and every blessing come to be.

May all our noble aspirations come to fruition in this very life.


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Report by:

Michelle Lee

6 Dec 2020

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