FFM 2021 New Year Greeting

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Sukhi Hontu (May you be Well & Happy)

It has been a very tough year for many of us in 2020. Covid-19 has affected all of us in many ways. Though FFM appeared quiet physically, but through all your loving kindness (Metta), compassion (Karuna) and generosity (Dana), we still managed to bring much relief to those greatly affected in our Covid-19 Relief Projects. In addition, we had also continued to support many on-going projects that we had previously committed, as well as newly proposed works too. Here is a summary update of the FFM projects.

Covid-19 Relief Projects

FFM, together with various partner organisations, has provided support amounting to around S$66,000 to over 5,000 beneficiaries. This include the supply of food and daily necessities, and some medical relief for those most vulnerable and badly affected by the pandemic in countries like Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Myanmar Projects

– Children Sponsorship Program for 100 childrenJackets for YDC children

– Building a school @ Ma Gyin Pin Pu village for 2 blocks of 4 classrooms each. In progress – Completed Clean Water Project @ Gone Bin Village

– Myanmar Feeding Program for over 1000 children in 6 villages

Laos Projects

Completed and handed over 5 schools

– Dongkhankhou Secondary School (7 classrooms & 2 staff rooms)

– Fungtharnyai Lower Secondary School ( 6 classrooms)

– Phang Kokh Primary School ( 5 classrooms & 4 toilets)

– Ton Tanh Primary School ( 5 classrooms & 1 staff room

– Na ChanTai Secondary School ( TY Lee Wing – 5 classrooms)

Bhutan Projects

– Bhutan Nuns Sponsorship Program for 80 nuns in 12 nunneries

– Completed BNF Nuns Training Centre

– Classrooms, and Dining & Kitchen block

– Provide education for children of labourers who built BNF Training Centre

Bangladesh Projects

– BABWO Children Sponsorship Program involving 100 children

– Donation of blankets, uniforms, food and etc to 5 Orphanages in Chittagong Hill Tract

– Built a retaining wall at BABWO- Lotus Children Home drainage project

– Completed and handed over Boys’ Dormitory at Buddha Shishu Ghar Orphanage (BSG)

– Completed and handed over Girls Hostel at the Gaindya Shishu Sadan (GSS) Orphanage

Sri Lanka Projects

Completed 2 Reverse Osmosis system for clean water project at

– Kasikote Gammanya, Ambanpola

– Thibiriwenwa Gramaya , Kebithigollewa

India Kinnaur Project

– Kinnaur Traditional Medical Centre project delayed due to Covid-19 situation in India

Cambodia projects

– Funeral support Jan-Oct 2020 for a total of 526 cases

– Children Basic Education Program

Singapore Projects

– Monthly Homes Visit was suspended since February due to Covid 19

– Provided over 200 Bento box meals to Metta Home for the Disabled and Thye Hua Kwan Home for Disabled Adults to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

– Commenced the refurbished toilet for Metta Home for the Disabled.

Medical Projects

– Thailand – Free Medical Camp to provide free medical and dental services to the underprivileged hill tribes living at the remote regions of Northern Thailand. The total cases of treated patients for the 3 days, was approximately 2,027.

– Sri Lanka – Cataract Eye Camp 2020 completed 133 eye operations

– Myanmar – due to Covid-19, Cataract Eye Camp 2020 is cancelled.

Dhammaduta Works

– Canada – building of Tisarana Buddhist Monastery Sala Hall. In-progress.

– Sri Lanka – building part of Sumithraramaya Temple. In-progress.

– Malaysia – Partial sponsorship of Administrative Building @ Wisdom Park

– Sponsorship of Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) Kuti and Toilet

– Partial sponsorship of SBS Mula Vihara

– Yushu, Qinghai, China

– Partial sponsorship to build Kutis for Nuns- Plum Village Community – general contribution.

We would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this possible.As 2020 is coming to a closure, we hope 2021 will bring more light and refreshed hopes to you and loved ones, as well as to all sentient beings.

Wishing you and loved ones a Peaceful and Joyful 2021. May we share the merits incurred herewith with our dearly departed ones, with our living relatives, friends, and all sentient beings. May all be well, may all be happy. May causes, conditions and resultants of this wholesome events, lead us to good health and wisdom. May longevity, beauty, happiness and every blessing come to be. May all our noble aspirations come to fruition in this very life.

… together we light up the world

With Much Gratitude & Metta, Bro Ng Yee Kong President Firefly Mission (萤火之光)

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