Myanmar Projects 2019 Summary


As early as in 2005,  Firefly Mission (FFM) has started projects in the areas of  health and community welfare in Myanmar. Till 2019, we have built a total of 69 schools, over 1 hundred of wells, 3 bridges, 1 jetty, 10 medical clinics and various medical facilities including ambulances. FFM have ongoing children sponsorship program, children feeding program, cataract eye camp.

Summary of Myanmar projects in 2019

  • Immediate flooding relief work in 2019
  • Children Sponsorship Program
  • Cataract Eye Camp
  • Building school
  • Primary School @ Kinphonka Village, Myanmar
  • Middle & High School (2 storeys) @ Wyaryar Village, Myanmar
  • High School @ Ingwine Village, Myanmar
  • Water well project
  • Htantabin Monastery Ambulance
  • Myanmar Feeding program

Flood relief work in 2019

On 8 Aug 2019, torrential rains caused floods in the Mon State (near Golden Rock) and strong winds damaged roads and bridges, caused power shortages, landslides and over 40 deaths in the Thae Phyu Kone village of Paung township.

FFM received an appeal from Bhante Aggasara and Bro Toe, for FFM’s assistance in their Flood Relief efforts. They are organizing dry rations and other requirements to help those affected.

Children Sponsorship Program

Children sponsorship programme is in support of children who come from extremely poor families who are unable to support their livelihood and education as well as children who were orphaned by Cyclone Nagis. The children are staying in the the Shwegyin Youth Development Centre located in Shwegyin and  is managed by Parahita (Charitable) Monastery.

The sponsorship programme started in March 2009 with 50 children and has increased over 100 students.

Cataract Eye Camp

Myanmar rural areas are mainly farmers who works long hours under the sun. Cataract is an increasingly common problem for the villagers. The annual eye cataract operation is carried out on 21 April 2019  led by Dr Sa J Lwin with other volunteer doctors and nurses from Yangoon at the Nyein Oo Village, FFM Medical clinic. This year the  cost of the eye camps is sponsored by family of the late Mr & Mrs Tan Eng Leong Total number of patients consulted: 368, operated on 159 patients and 11 minor surgeries.

Building schools

  • Primary School @ Kinphonka Village, Myanmar
  • Middle & High School (2 storeys) @ Wyaryar Village, Myanmar
  • High School @  Yaekyichaung Village
  • Water well project @  Yaekyichaung Village

Kinphonka Village, primary school building

Sponsorsed by Sis Poh Suan, in loving memory of the late James Chee Teng Hee)

Wyaryar Village Middle and  High School Building – 300 students from 9 villages. 

High School @  Yaekyichaung Village, Nyaunglebin Township, Bago Division

– 30’ x 120’ feet school building

Water Tank Project @  Yaekyichaung Village      

Sponsored by Bro Saw Heng Soon, Sis Tan Bee Bee & Family)

Medical Facilities completed in 2019

Htantabin Forest Monastery (near Nipidaw)– Venerable U Kevala’s monastery has been providing free transport services for the deceased; sending their bodies to their hometowns for burials. A new vehicle is need to replace the old one that has broken down. 

Htantabin Monastery Ambulance

Sponsored by Sis Lam Hoi Shan, Bro Ngai Wai Chung & Family)

Myanmar Feeding program

The Feeding Program is started by Min and Daw Ya Min, a teacher, once a week, she and a few volunteers cook a meal for the children as  an important supplement to their diet. FFM continues with the feeding program in 2019 target to feed about 1000 children over 6 schools in LaeMa village and a shanty town area.


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • All sponsors and donors for the various projects
  • Bro Ng Yee Kong – FFM Myanmar Coordinator in Singapore
  • Sis Sally Jie – Myanmar Coordinator in Myanmar
  •  Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named


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