Dhammaduta Project 2019


Firefly Mission aimed to be a respected Buddhist organisation that puts the Buddha’s teachings into action in terms of dana, sila, and bhavana; and promote Dhamma knowledge and practices.  As part of our Dhammaduta works, we provides Dhamma talks, meditation retreats, kathina,  build Sala (community halls at monasteries), build kuti (living quarters for the monks) support the education of monastics, provide medical cares to the monastics.

Firefly Mission has supported various Buddhist teachers Dharma talks like Ayasma Aggacitta, Ven Thich Nhat Hanh and others. Contributed to various monastery like Amaravati Monastery in UK, monasteries in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore. Provide medical care to  Bhante Gnanarama from  Buddhist Pali College, Venerables from Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka.

Our Dhammaduta Projects

Since 2005, Firefly Mission has been contributing to various Dhammaduta works, below are the list of more significant works 


  • Wat Tha Ngam, Kalasin
  • Wat Soke Tea at Maha Sarakhem
  • Ajahn Tham sala
  • Kuti for Ghubar Ajahn
  • Kuti @ Ajahn Somphon
  • Kuti @ Ajahn Tham
  • Wat Tha Nam


  • Sassanarakka Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS)
  • Jhana Grove
  • Ladies Quarters
  • Dining Hall
  • Accommodation at stupa
  • Wat Santi land

Sri Lanka

  • Restoration works on Purvarama Temple
  • Refurbish works in Monastic college (Toilet and washing areas and dining hall)
  • Sumithraramaya Temple


  • Hma Thiang Sala
  • Sima cum Dharma Hall @ Kyauk Htaing Village
  • Htantabin Dining Hall


  • Buddhist Society of Victoria Forest Monastery

(assist to raise S$283,664)

Project Updates


  1. Ajahn Tham sala, Maesot (partial sponsorship)

2. Wat Paa Taa Ngam at Ban Sammo, Kalasin

In 2012, FFM was given the opportunity to offer to build a new Sala and Buddha Rupa (weighing 5 tons crafted out of a rock from India) to Phra Ajahn Somporn (senior disciple of Luang Phor Boonmee) where it will continue to provide a center for spiritual education to the villagers and across other provinces(in North East Thailand). Cost THB 4,685,481.

3. Wat Soke Tea at Maha Sarakhem

In Nov 2012, FFM were given the opportunity to offer another Sala and Buddha Rupa to LP Boonmee’s disciple Phra Ajahn Soiy at Wat Soke Tea at Maha Sarakhem, Thailand.

Wat Soke Tea is situated in the north eastern (Isan) region of Thailand. This monastery is near to a hospital and district office, as Maha Sarakhem will be develops, the construction for the new Sala will help to upgrade the image of Buddhism and serving the local communities by providing the teaching of Buddha and allow the them to make merit.

The new Sala construction work and the installation of new Buddha Rupa was  completed on the Oct 2014. The total cost of the new Sala and Buddha Rupa are Thai Baht 3,550,000/-

4. Kuti Projects

  • Kuti for 2 Ghubar Ajahn THB 200k
  • Kuti @ Ajahn Somphon
  • Kuti @ Ajahn Tham
  • Wat Tha Nam
Ajahn Somporm Monastery to build Male and Female Hostel

Wat Sok Thet Sala project

Senior Ajahn Kuti at Mahasarakham


  1. Sassanarakka Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) Taiping

Ladies Quarters (1 room)

Jhana Grove Partial Sponsorship RM80,272

Dining Hall RM380,000

Accommodation at Stupa RM30,000

2. Wat Santi land

In Jun 2015, news was received that the potential buyer of the land adjacent to the Wat Santi monastery in Johor, has an intention to convert the banana and durian plantation for chicken farming.  Due to its close proximity to the monastery, serious concerns were raised regarding the livestock being raised and killed next to the monastery, the  impact on the overall environment and also the potential impact on the health of the residents of the monastery. The monastery which had no prior plan of acquiring additional land had little choice but to purchase the adjacent land, for RM2 million. This was paid for using the monastery’s limited funds, donors, and a loan of RM800,000.

FFM agreed to help the Monastery raise funds to repay the loan, which was made in SGD. FFM raised S$40,000

Sri Lanka

  1. Restoration works on Purvarama Temple

Restoration cost S$53,036 includes extension of the temple.

2. Refurbish works in Monastic college

Cost S$32,030

Dhamma Hall

– building of 3 toilet cubicles behind the Hall (2 squatting and 1 commode)

– provision of 2 ceiling fans and 6 wall fans

Monastic College

  •  Shower area for the monks: work is needed to increase the height of the wall, to resurface the floor and repair/rebuild the water tank, to build some roofing and a partition wall
  • Build a kitchen/pantry area for the monks within the shower area
  • A new projector

3. Rebuilding Sumithraramaya Temple

Start work in 2018 Est cost S$40k


  • Hma Thiang Sala
  • Sima cum Dharma Hall @ Kyauk Htaing Village


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named


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