Press Release – Firefly Mission, Singapore Hands Over Three School Buildings in Laos

A group of 29 volunteers from Firefly Mission, Singapore (FFM) visited Laos recently to witness and celebrate the handover of 3 schools. These are the latest additions, making a total of 14 schools built by FFM in Laos so far, all generously sponsored by fellow Singaporeans.


Firefly Mission (FFM) is a Singapore registered society that is fully run by volunteers. Its Laos projects are made possible by the work of their local coordinator, Peter Tan a fellow Singaporean who has lived in Laos for 22 years.


“One of Firefly Mission’s area of focus is education, the other being health and community welfare.  Firefly Mission aims to provide a safe and conducive environment for school children to study, in the hope of providing them a brighter future. We are very happy to be given the opportunity to contribute and to play a part to meet the needs of the people of Laos. And that this is fully aligned with the Laos government’s recognition that education is of utmost importance.” said Prof Ng Yee Kong, President of FFM.


The 12th FFM sponsored school, Na Sum Village Primary School located in the Hin Heub district of Vientiane province was handed over to the local authorities on 13 November by their Chief Coordinator for Laos, William Yeoh. The 5 classroom school costing about 363 million Kips will benefit over 100 students in the Na Sum village and its neighbourhood.


The 13th and 14th schools, Meuang Chanh Lower Secondary School (5 classrooms) costing 472 million Kips and Nonmixay Upper Secondary School (4 classrooms) costing 404 million Kips, held their handover ceremonies on 14 and 15 November respectively. These 2 schools will benefit nearly 300 children living in Sepon  and Phalanxy districts of Savanankhet Province. Construction of the schools began in April and they were completed by August/ September.


The handover ceremonies were attended by Mr Khamphoun Tuphaithoun, Vice Governor of Savannakhet province, Mr Vongxay Xayachak, Mayor of Sepon district, Mr Eksavang Vongvichith, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, Mr Dominic Goh, Ambassador of Singapore to Laos, and many other provincial and village officials.

“The new schools are built with concrete and complete with furniture, electrical fittings and toilets. With the building of the schools, we hope that children from the farming community of Meuang Chanh and Nonmixay and the surrounding villages can now get access to good school facilities for their education. We hope this will encourage more students to attend school, complete their courses and pursue higher education.“ said William Yeoh.

The Singaporean visitors present at the ceremony were deeply touched by the warm hospitality of the villagers and officials. They felt honoured to be given the chance to witness the handover, join in the joyous celebrations and participate in the baci ceremonies. Firefly Mission representatives also felt comforted by the assurance from the relevant officials that the school buildings will be well utilized and properly maintained.



*Full list of Firefly Mission’s school projects in Laos.


  1. Fully sponsored schools
  2. Na Saat Village Lower Secondary School
  3. LaoKham Primary school
  4. Pa Bong Primary school
  5. Na Saat IT School & Library
  6. Na Kang Primary School
  7. HinHerb Tai Secondary School
  8. Nam Sad Village Primary School
  9. Huay Ileud Nursery School
  10. Nong Luang School
  11. Kon Keo Secondary School
  12. Vieng Kham Lower Secondary
  13. Na Sum Primary School
  14. Nonmixay Upper Sec School
  15. Meuang Chanh Lower Sec School


  1. Part sponsorship (completion of partially completed schools)
  1. Pong Song Primary School
  2. Na’ Saat Primary School
  3. HinHeub Neua Nursery School


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