Thailand Report 2018

This is the report on Thailand Projects from 2004 to 2018.


Background –

In 2004, Mae Chee Tay had suggested to Firefly Mission that we made a recce trip to Maesot (border to Myanmar/Thailand) to give assistance to a group of needy Karen farmers which can be accessed only via the jungle road. During the raining season, the four wheel drive vehicle needs to be chained up and traveling will not be possible during the wet season.  Hence, very few locals will travel to the village and likewise, the villagers are not able to travel freely for economic purpose which contributed to their material poverty.  The villagers rely on generator for electricity, rain or rivers for waters.  Parents do not permit their children to travel many kilometers to school by foot due to safety reason which hinder the path out of poverty.

In year 2005, a group of 13 volunteers brought along food groceries purchased at Mae Sot town/Muser market for distribution to the villagers with the guidance from the various Kruba Ajahns namely Ajahn Tham, Ajahn Siak, Ajahn Piak and Ajahn Chad who are residing within the mountainous terrain.  Since 2005, Firefly Mission has been continuing supporting humanitarian works in Thailand.









Community/Education Projects

  1. Improvement to road or path which is dangerous for vehicle to travel and hence make the road safer for drivers and passengers during the raining season.
  2. Construction of girls hostel near government school so that the villagers can send their children to be educated in a safe environment and in turn encouraged more parents to support education for their children.
  3. Construction of village school so that more children can receive education.
  4. Donations to the laying of water pipes from river to new water tanks and new toilets so that villager basic needs are met.
  5. Donated grainary machinery to Ban Pa Ka and Huay Cheng Lai villages to improve efficiency in processing the grains.
  6. Donated a football field for the Huay Cheng Lai, Ban Pa Ka, Sam Meng Theng villages for community building.



Fang / Piang Luang Support

Bro Ernest had suggested to reach out to the Shan tribe in Fang and Piang Luang.  The needy is mainly the refugees from Myanmar. Fang, Piang Luang are situated at the Chiang Mai province/Thailand at the border of Myanmar Shan State.

The objective is to create a better, brighter and safer future for the children and villagers living in Thai and Myanmar border.

We have contributed the following children programs

  • Providing food enhancement for the school children,
  • Stationery for the children,
  • Novice education program,
  • Building a block of class rooms and a block of bamboo class room for the children.



Thai flood relief 2011

  1. Donated to the flood relief project during Thailand worse flood led by Luang Phor Boonmee.
  2. Restore the radio station Luang Thad in Bangkok which was damaged by the flood. FFM donated the radio equipment and rebuild the radio equipment room.






Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.

  • Bro Low KC (Former FFM Thai Coordinator)
  • Bro Lim Meng Seng (FFM Thai Coordinator)
  • Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named



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Report by:

Lim Meng Seng

Michelle Lee 3 Nov 2018





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