[Laos] First School Project

Construction of a Lower Secondary School in Na Saat Village

Effective April 2013, Firefly Mission agreed to fund a Lower Secondary School Building in Na Saat Village as proposed by Peter Tan. His proposal was supported by one of FFM member Dr Tan Ju Le who had met him while she was in Laos attending a medical conference. The Na Saat Lower Secondary School will consist of 5 classrooms accommodating about 106 students. Firefly Mission will also fund all electrical works and classroom furniture. A group from FFM went to Laos in September 2013 and visited the new Na Saat Lower Secondary School.

Quick Fact
  • Country: Laos
  • State/City: Vientiene Province
  • Village: Na Saat
  • Period: April to October 2013
  • Local Partner: Peter Tan,a Singaporean who has been living and operating a business in Laos for 17 years. He is experienced in managing humanitarian projects, and comes recommended through the Singapore Embassy. He had previously coordinated numerous projects for Singapore Schools and Higher Learning Institutions.

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