[SSSBO] Solar Lighting & Water Supply

Project Summary:
To provide solar panel for lighting; Generator, water tank and pump for water supply at Sanghamitta Seba Sangha Buddhist Orphanage (SSSBO) in Taikhaly, Bandarban District.

Period: January 2013

Project Description:
This project was implemented following a visit by FFM representatives to Bangladesh in January 2013. The Sanghamitta Seba Sangha Buddhist Orphange (SSSBO) houses 136 children who are under care of the Chief Patron Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero. Many of the children are from the surrounding area and come from very poor family or have lost their parents. The Bandarban Hill District is in an underdeveloped region of Bangladesh and being in a very remote area do not receive any aid from NPOs or other development organisations.

Voices from the heart:

Yes it is true that our children are getting chance to do study their home works and others due to solar and also drinking pure water too. Our children including the SSSBO Venerable Wee Sudha Mahathero and others are boundless pleasure. We are very appreciating to BABWO for their made this great opportunity for SSSBO. We and our children wish the Firefly Mission and BABWO may live long.
SSSBO solar_water

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