FFM’s Covid-19 Relief Program in Laos

FireFly Mission’s Covid-19 Relief Program has recently been extended to Laos PDR.

A food ration distribution program for the needy and poorest affected by the Covid-19 pandemic will run for 6 Saturdays starting 15 August.

The first recipients were students and teachers of a poor government school, Oukmong Primary School and villagers in Pakhao Village near the capital.

Kind hearted Singaporeans in Laos have heard of our program and raised enough funds to more than double our original program budget.

Firefly Mission would like to express our thanks and deep gratitude to Bro Christopher Yeo for organizing the program, the Singapore Ambassador Ms. Leow Siu Lin for joining the events, the Singaporeans in Laos for their generosity, our members, volunteers, families and friends for their support and encouragement. … together we light up the world

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu Anumodana

🙏🙏🙏… together we light up the world

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