Distribution of aids to Laos Covid-19 Quarantine Center

We have another Covid-19 project, this time for Covid-19 Quarantine Center in Vientiane, Laos. We thank the Singapore Embassy in Vientiane for representing us in distributing the aids to Covid-19 Quarantine Center in Laos – thanks for the kind summary of our involvement and commitment in education and community welfare work in Laos. Also special thanks to our Singapore Ambassador to Laos H.E. Leow Siew Lin and Bro Christopher Yeo for helping to coordinate the aids with the Red Cross in Laos.

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Singapore Embassy (Laos) has provided a summary of Firefly Mission’s activities in Laos as follows:

The Embassy visited the KM27 COVID-19 Quarantine Center in Vientiane Capital on the occasion of FireFly Mission’s donation of USD20,000 to the center. The donation will go towards providing meals and sanitary items for 534 Lao migrant workers at the center.

FireFly Mission, a humanitarian mission from Singapore had worked on rebuilding projects in Attapeu province after the dam disaster in 2018 and school building projects in Vientiane, Savannakhet and Saravan provinces (Note: In the past 15 years to-date, they have constructed and handed over 27 schools to the provinces). Firefly’s generous donation to the quarantine center will assist in helping Laos manage the growing number of Lao migrant workers in quarantine. The Embassy is pleased to witness FireFly Mission’s generous spirit and continuous humanitarian support in Laos. The occasion was graced by Laos Red Cross President Dr Phouthone Muongpak, Dr Khampang Phoumakeo from KM27 Quarantine Centre and representatives from Firefly Mission.

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