Cambodia School & Funeral Projects 2018

Firefly Mission has partnered with Salvation Cambodia Centre (SCC) to support on 2 main projects –  Funeral Project for the poor or those died of AIDS/HIV and the Children Basic Education Program (CBE) which offers free basic education for children who are very poor and some may not have the means to attend public school.


On Mar 2008, Firefly Mission, started the partnership with Salvation Cambodia Centre (SCC). SCC is a local non-profit Non-Government Organization. SCC established in 1994 and presently are under financial and technical support from the Norwegian Trust for AIDS research via the World Bank in 1994, UNDP/CARERE (1997-1999), ICCO, CAFOD, and EED, KHANA, WFP, Firefly Mission, JCF, Global Giving and ACR/CA SCC.

SCC has played a major role in the fight against HIV and AIDs. Through the loving-kindness, Compassion, Sympathy, Equanimity, Commitment and dedication of a team of Buddhist monks, nuns, staff volunteers and generous supporters, SCC has been able to improve the lives of many people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDs. SCC has aided the poorest and least fortunate families in the villages especially children either orphaned or adversely affected by HIV/AIDs.

Firefly Mission supports SCC in 2 main projects:

  • Funeral Support
  • Children Basic Education Program

Funeral Project

Funeral support is special and unique service that no other NGO carries out this kind of service in Cambodia.  Firefly Mission helps the poorest deceased families in Cambodia regardless of religion who do not have money to arrange the funeral services such as coffin, cremation cost, and funeral management for their departed one.  Offer only the poorest families certified by local authorities and NGO partners in SCC three sites: Phnom Penh city, Siem Reap, and Battambang province.

Firefly Mission had started funeral support since Mar 2008. Since 1 Jun 2018, FFM increase the funeral support cost from U$30 to US$40.

Summary Report

Mar 2008 to 30 June 2018

Total contribution: USD $101,897

Benefits:  Funeral support 3,381 cases

Children Basic Education Program

In Jan 2013, upon the request of SCC, FFM helps to support the Children Basic Education Program (CBE). The Children Basic Education (CBE) School is a supplementary educational program which offers free basic education for children who are very poor and some may not have the means to attend public school. With CBE schools SCC tries to fill this gap by providing education, school uniforms, nutrition and health care treatment.

The Children Basic Education (CBE) centre is based in a rented building in the Veal village, Sangkat Kork Chok, Siem Reap Town, and Siem Reap Province. In 2018, CBE  has 127 students who are attending in six classes and among those there are 65 girls and 62 boys covering from Kindergarten to Grade 11.

Summary Report

Jan 2013 to 2018

Total contribution: US$10,000 per year x 6 years = US$60,000

Covers cost: Salary of the school, health cost of the students, school uniforms, school material and operational cost

Benefits: In 2018  – 127 children


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Address: Trapeang Sesh Village Kouk Chak Commune

Siem Reap City Siem Reap Province.

Report prepared by: Michelle Lee

30 Jul 2018

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