Cambodia Project 2020

This report summarizes the 2 main projects in Cambodia for year 2020. The projects are the Funeral support for underprivileged people and the Basic education for Children.

Funeral Support

FFM partner with Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) to support the Funeral support service in Cambodia.  They are mainly elderly people with disabilities, homeless people, orphans and vulnerable children who have no money to arrange the funeral event for their dead family members. SCC cooperate with NGO partners, local authorities, community leaders and village chiefs to implement the program. Offer only the poorest families certified by local authorities and NGO partners in SCC three sites: Phnom Penh city, Siem Reap, and Battambang province.  In addition, SCC will visit the family to confirm the request before disbursing the money to funeral services such as coffin, cremation cost, and funeral management for their departed one.  Firefly Mission support U$40 each case.

Firefly Mission had supported funeral support Mar 2008 till Oct 2020 for a total of  USD $155,650 /- (Total funeral support 4,542 cases).

For Jan 2020 till Oct 2020,  526 cases funeral support USD $21,040.

 Children Basic Education Program

FFM also support SCC program on the Children Basic Education Program (CBE). The Children Basic Education (CBE) School is a supplementary educational program which offers free basic education for children who are very poor and some may not have the means to attend public school. With CBE schools SCC tries to fill this gap by providing education, school uniforms, nutrition and health care treatment.  

The Children Basic Education (CBE) centre is based in a rented building in the Veal village, Sangkat Kork Chok, Siem Reap Town, and Siem Reap Province.

Due to the heightening of the Covid 19 situation, the school has been temporary closed. CBE Staffs have been constantly visiting students and their families, monitoring and encouraging them and are ready to open the school when situation improve.

Summary Report for the Children Basic Education Program as follows:

Period : From Jan 2013 to 2020 Present

Total contribution: US$10,000 per year x 8 years = US$70,000

Covers cost: Salary of the school, health cost of the students, school uniforms, school material and operational cost

Benefits: In 2019  – A total of 110 children has benefited.

Sewing Class are conducted to a small group of people each week.


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • Salvation Centre Cambodia
  • Ven Sovat Ann
  • Low Kum Cheong (previous FFM Cambodia coordinator)
  • Elsie Ling (previous FFM Cambodia coordinator)
  • Lim Meng Seng (FFM Cambodia coordinator)
  • Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named


For further information related to this report, please contact:

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Firefly Mission




Salvation Center Cambodia (SCC)

Address: Trapeang Sesh Village Kouk Chak Commune

                  Siem Reap City Siem Reap Province.      

 Report prepared by: Michelle Lee

                                       25 Nov 2020

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