[Singapore] Befriending Visit to Apex Harmony Lodge

Apex Harmony Group Photo

FFM volunteers visited Apex Harmony Lodge recently on Sunday, 19 April 2015 and brought cheer to about 35 residents.   The volunteers unreservedly give a listening ear, entertained the residents and organized games including Bingo which is very popular with the residents.   The volunteers also show their care in simple ways such as with grooming and manicure treats.  The residents very much appreciate and enjoy the drinks, biscuits and game prizes which are generously sponsored by the volunteers.

Located at 10, Pasir Ris Walk (off Pasir Ris Drive 3), the Apex Harmony Lodge is a purpose-built facility which caters especially for individuals with dementia. In operation since 1999, this nursing home looks after 210 residential and 20 day-care patients.  In addition to the bi-monthly visits, FFM had also sponsored and participated in the fund raising carnival at Apex Harmony Lodge in commemoration of World’s Alzheimer Day held on 20th September 2014.

“Since 2013, we have come together on 3rd Sunday of even months not just to help at the Apex Harmony Lodge, it has become one of our regular get-together events and an opportunity for us to bond as volunteers.”

Volunteers are welcomed to join these bi-monthly visits which are scheduled for 21 June, 16 August, 18 October and 20 December 2015.  For more information please email: firefly.mission@yahoo.com or call Bro Chao Loy (hp. 9768 7549), Bro Marcus (hp. 9030 0466) or Sis Meiti (hp. 8200 1937).  Come join us in bringing cheer to the residents at Apex Harmony Lodge!

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