Bhutan Nuns Foundation (BNF)-FFM Meeting via zoom

We have conducted the Bhutan Nuns Foundation (BNF)-FFM Meeting over the cloud on 2-Oct-2021. It had been more than 2 years since we last met in Bhutan. It was a very warmth reunion & updates from the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Our meeting started with a summary video, revisiting our decade long commitment prepared by our Bhutan coordinator, Sis Serene Sia. We were very glad to have Sis (Dr) Tashi Zangmo, founder & executive director of BNF to give us detailed updates of our Bhutan projects as follows:

  • Water project @ Samten Choling
  • Nuns Sponsorship Program
  • Support for children of contractors & Nuns Training Center @ Thimpu

She had also shared with us some programs and projects they wish to embark in the coming months and years. The meeting concluded with our wish to meet face-to-face, hopefully soon when conditions allow.… together we light up the world

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