Bhutan Nuns Sponsorship Programme

Bhutan Nuns Sponsorship Programme
不丹比丘尼 赞助计划

The Bhutan Nuns sponsorship programme helps to provide food and basic essentials for nuns from 7 nunneries.  These nunneries are located in remote areas where the surrounding communities are poor and have limited resources, the nuns are therefore vulnerable as their living conditions are basic and subject to harsh extreme weather from very hot summer to heavy monsoon rains and freezing cold winters.  In some cases, poor families send their young daughters to a nunnery hoping that they will be looked after and will receive an education but because the nunneries themselves are struggling, many of the young nuns are undernourished and sometimes they only have one meal a day and even have to share mattresses and blankets.

There are 65 sponsorships with renewal from January 2015 onwards.  The nuns sponsorship programme is conducted in collaboration with Bhutan Nuns Foundation.



Young nuns from Shedrup Choling nunnery
Shedrup Choling尼姑庵的年轻比丘尼


The only access to Upper Chothpo Goenpa nunnery is by 45 minutes walk along a narrow footpath
到Upper Chothpo Goenpa尼姑庵的唯一途径是沿着一条狭窄的小径走45分钟


The basic kitchen used by the elderly nuns at Upper Penjor Choling nunnery
Upper Penjor Choling尼姑庵的老比丘尼住所的基本厨房


With the sponsorship funds, the Samten Choling nunnery nuns were able to buy hot water bottles to keep warm during the cold winters
随着赞助基金,Samten Choling尼姑庵的比丘尼能购买热水袋保暖,在寒冷的冬天

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