Bhutan Projects 2020 Report

This report summarizes Firefly Mission’s projects in Bhutan in year 2020.


Since 2011, Firefly Mission has partnered with Bhutan Nuns Foundation for various projects in Bhutan. In 2020, our project updates as follows:

  • Bhutan Nuns Sponsorship program
  • BNF Nuns Training Centre- Classroom block and Dining block
  • BNF Training Centre’s Labourers’ Children

In 2020, FFM has supported 80 nuns sponsorship from 12 nunneries. 

Bhutan Nuns Sponsorship program

FFM’s Total Sponsorship Program Summary: From 2012 to 2020, we have supported sponsorship for 9 years with total amount of S$442,800.

Construction of BNF Nuns Training Centre- Classroom block & Dining block

FFM has sponsored a Nuns training center classroom block with 2 levels and a dining block at the Nuns Training & Resource Centre located at Tsalumaphay, Thimphu. The project targeted to be completed by Nov 2020.

Total project cost at about: S$450,000

BNF Training Centre’s Labourers’ Children

During the BNF Training Centre construction, the young children of the labourers were also at the sites watching their parents working. As they were too young to start formal education, BNF took the opportunity to provide learning program for labourers’ young children. The teachers teach the children  basic things such as saying a prayer when they eat or drink, how to greet others, how to interact with people and respect each other. Within a year, the children have transformed to be confident children.   The budget is S$500 per month for teaching material and salary for the teacher or $12,000 for the 2 years benefiting about 25 children.


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • Bhutan Nuns Foundation
  • Dr Tashi Zangmo (Executive Director BDF)
  • Sis Ong Sian Tjoe (former FFM Bhutan Coordinator)
  • Sis Serene Sia (FFM Bhutan Coordinator)
  • Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named


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Report by: Michelle Lee 16 Nov 2020

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