Extend compassion to the people of India & Sri Lanka who are badly affected by CoVid19 curfews & lockdown

During this CoVid-19 time of crisis, everyone has been affected by uncertainties, fears, lost of hope, shortage of food supplies, etc.

This is more so in many developing countries such as India and Sri Lanka. FFM continues to work with our partners in compassion, Nagaloka Training Institute and its Alumni (India), and Karuna Trust (Sri Lanka) to extend our hands to relieve the sufferings of these people affected badly by curfews and lockdowns imposed by their governments.

We have managed to reach out to the badly affected regions in Rajastan and Buddhagaya in India, and in Sri Lanka in Matale, Thawalama and Maharagama, in the hopes that this will help to bring some comfort and alleviate worries of food shortages in the next few weeks.

These challenging times have affected many of our members, volunteers and donors in many ways (financially, emotionally). Even so, many have generously continued making donations through us for our CoViD-19 Relief Fund. Other than monetary donations, we also have many other volunteers who have found it in their hearts to still be worried about the beneficiaries of our projects. We are sincerely grateful for all these actions, no matter big or small, from our members and donors.

This difficult period shall pass.
May all stay safe, peaceful and healthy
… together we light up the world

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