Free Medical Mission for the underprivileged people of far north Thai borders

The disciples of Luang Por Sumedho, and of Wat Nong Pa Pong branch monasteries, doctors and team members of every mobile medical units, The Angel Group, Firefly Mission and DhammaGiri Foundation, express our gratitude to every generous donations made toward the Free Medical Mission for the underprivileged people of rural far north thai borders hill tribes and Mae Hong Son.

Total cases of treated patients for the 3 days, was approximately 2,027.

Treated Patients tally
Fri 31st Jan 2020
– Skin diseases 40

Sat 1st Feb 2020
– Dental 566
– Eye care 424
– Skin 368
– General 228
– Osteopathy & acupuncture 238
Sub Total: 1824

Sun 2nd Feb 2020
– Eye care on 163

May we share this transference of merits to our every departed and living relatives, friends, and every sentient beings. May all be well, may all be happy.

May all merits we have accumulated from every past life till the very present today, be shared with all the people of the Wuhan City. May you be free from enmity, illnesses and grief. May the sun shine bright in every corner of your City. May the flowers there, bloomed again with flourishing blossom. May you all, always be well, may you always be happy.

May causes, conditions and resultants of this wholesome events, lead us to good health and wisdom. May longevity, beauty, happiness and every blessing come to be. May all our noble aspirations, come to fruition in this very life.

Saddhu Anumodana

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