Happy Vesak Day Greeting (May 2020)

Happy VESAK 2020. Wishing all our members, volunteers, friends and supporters a Happy Vesak.

This is a very unique year where most of us celebrate this Triple Glory Day (the Birth, Enlightenment & Parinibbana) at home. Today, not only we celebrate this holy day by doing puja and all other rituals, we also take the opportunity to reflect deeper into the teachings of our Teacher, the Buddha.

We started the year and the new decade with so much hope and expectations, but reality didn’t turn out as we wished. The last few months, we had witnessed so much sufferings (Dhukkha), we had witnessed things change and so transient (Annicca), and if we truly reflect, we could see that phenomena are also Non-self, but an aggregation of causes and conditions (Annatta). This is the nature of all conditioned phenomena.

This too shall pass …May the lights of the Triple Gem continue to Guide & Protect you & your loved ones May all sentient beings be blessed with Good Health, Joy, Peace & Right Conditions to walk the Path towards the unconditioned happiness, NIBBANA

Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu. May All Beings be Well & Happy

With Metta & Sukhi Hontu

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