India Kinnaur Project 2019 Updates


In Apr 2017, Firefly Mission was introduced to Dr Yap Meen Sheng. Dr Yap is a has been coordinator for an institution in Singapore for the communities services to Kinnaur India.   

Kinnaur is located at Ponda, Nihar, Himachal Pradesh, North India. The area is mountainous and has limited access to the western medical treatment. In order to preserve and promote traditional medical in the region, a 4 storey herbal medicine facility building is proposed to develop and train the nuns to be Traditional Medical practitioners and provide treatment for the communities of about 50,000 people.

FFM conducted a recce trip with the team from Dr Yap to Kinnaur on the 8 – 15 August 2017 to do the due diligent for the project.  Our partners in Kinnaur is the Ringchen Zangbo Endowment Society overseas by Rev T.K Tulku Rinpoche.

Kinnaur Traditional Medical Centre

The 4-storey herbal medicine facility building cost is estimated at S$160,000.  Dr Yap and his friends have raised S$25,000. The remaining amount is contributed by members, friends or family members of Firefly Mission.  


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible.  

  • Ringchen Zangbo Endowment Society
  • Rev T.K Tulku Rinpoche
  • Dr Yap Meen Sheng (Coordinator for Kinnaur)
  • Sis Yeo Lay Coordinator for Kinnaur)
  • Bro Marc Leow (FFM Coordinator for Kinnaur)
  • Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named

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