Medical Care Project 2020

This report provide updates on the Free medical & dental mission in Northern Thailand for the underprivileged Hill tribe villagers.


In Sept 2019, Bro Vera Santiboon shared that Buddha Dhamma Foundation (BDF) was working in partnership with Dhammagiri Foundation (Ajahn Cagino), The Angels Group and the Mobile Medical and Dental Unit Foundation of Thailand organized a Free Medical Camp to provide free medical and dental services to the underprivileged hill tribes living the remote regions of Northern Thailand.

The initial plan was to have a total of about 50 doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals (therapists, pharmacists, alternative medicine) to  participate in a free “Medical & Dental Health Camp”, held on 31st Jan to 2 Feb 2020 at Mae Hong Son, NE Thailand. This was approved by the local authorities.  Dhammagiri Foundation provided the meals & lodging for the doctors, dentists, nurses etc.

On the actual day, the total number of the medical professionals alone grew to over 120.  On top of these, there were many other volunteers, like the security personnel (police & army), students & teachers for ushering, checking, interpreters for the many tribal populace, Dhammagiri youths and volunteers.  The many volunteers, which included drivers and cooks supported the logistics and the provision of meals for the patients who had travelled from a distance from their various villages.

Total project cost is estimated at about S$50k and about half (S$25k) have been raised from Thailand. Bro Vera proposed that FFM help to contribute towards this much needed and worthy project.

Mobile Medical & Dental Camp

Firefly Mission contributed THB 500,000 (equivalent to S$25,000) to the project amount which came from the Bay Family (IMO of parents Bay Tan Wah, Tan Seok Mai) contributed S$15,000.

The disciples of Luang Phor Sumedho and devotees of Wat Nong Pa Pong branch monasteries, doctors, team members of mobile medical units, The Angels Group, Firefly Mission and Dhammagiri Foundation express our gratitude for the very generous donations made toward the Free Medical Camp at the north Thai borders hill tribes and Mae Hong Son.

It was indeed heartening and touching to observe the many happy moments for both the volunteers and the recipients of the Free Medical Camp. The villages expressed their heartfelt gratitude for those who had come so far to improve their lives. Even so, the volunteers felt touched and moved that it had indeed been a worthy, fruitful and life-learning experiential trip.

Total cases of treated patients for the 3 days, was approximately 2,027.

Skin Diseases                          408 patients

Dental                                      566 patients

Eye Care                                  587 patients

Osteopathy & acupuncture 238 patients

General                                    228 patients


Firefly Mission would like to express its deep gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this partnership project possible:

  • Luang Por Sumedho
  • BuddhaDhamma Foundation
  • The Angels Group
  • Dhammagiri Foundation
  • Bro Vera Santiboon (FFM Medical Camp Coordinator)
  • Bro Rene Cho (FFM Medical Camp Representative)
  • The Bay Family
  • Donors & Volunteers of Firefly Mission Singapore
  • Other well-wishers and volunteers, too numerous to be named.

May we share this transference of merits to our every departed and living relatives, friends, and every sentient beings. May all be well, may all be happy.

May causes, conditions and resultants of this wholesome events, lead us to good health and wisdom. May longevity, beauty, happiness and every blessing come to be. May all our noble aspirations, come to fruition in this very life.


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Report by:

Michelle Lee 17 Feb 2020

With inputs from Bro Rene & Bro Vera

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