Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of Firefly Meeting

Dear Member,
Notice is hereby given that the Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM) of members of Firefly Mission will be held by way of electronic means using ZOOM platform hosted at 148 Chestnut Crescent Singapore 679855 on Friday 31 July at 3pm

EOGM required a quorum of 30.  Please email: or WhatsApp 90681086 to register your interest by 29 July 2020. For those who have difficulties accessing Zoom, kindly whatsapp Michelle Lee @90681086 or email Alternative arrangements will be made for access or participation in the meeting.
In the light of Covid 19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, the following will be adopted for the EOGM:

  1. Members attending this EOGM are participating by observing and listening to the proceedings by electronic means.
  2. Members who have questions may submit them via post to 148 Cashew Crescent, Singapore 679855 or email or whatsapp Michelle Lee @90681086. These must reach us at least 3 days prior to the EOGM.
  3. All substantial and relevant questions will be addressed by Exco prior to or at EOGM. Those pertaining to matters that will be put to a vote will be addressed by Exco before closing date for lodgement of proxy forms. Such questions will be addressed via Zoom at the EOGM.
  4. All members who would like to attend the EOGM are required to submit Proxy Form to authorize Bro Ng Yee Kong as their Proxy.  As members may only vote by appointing the Chairman of the meeting as the members’ proxy to vote at the meeting, they must do so by depositing with the Society an instrument of appointment (also known as ”the proxy form”) by post to 148 Cashew Crescent, Singapore 679855 or complete by clicking the proxy form below.  The completed proxy form must reach the Society before 30 July 2020. 
  5. In appointing the chairman of the meeting as a proxy, a member must give specific instructions with regards to voting, or abstentions from voting, in the proxy form; failing which the appointment may be treated as invalid.


  1. To re-appoint Fiducia LLP as Auditor for financial year 2020/2022
  2. To elect the following office bearers in the said positions
  • Rene Cho Ching Teck as Vice President
  • Michelle Lee Beng Tzen as Secretary
  • Low Siew Kiang as Treasurer
  • Arnold Lee Heng Cheong as Assistant Treasurer
  • To approve the following amendments to the Firefly Mission Constitution: 
  • Clause 12.5: Permit alternative arrangements for holding Management Meetings and  General Meetings using digital platform and tools; and to permit electronic voting
  • Clause 12.5.1:  In event of a delay in holding the AGM, the term of office of current office bearers may be extended until such time as new office bearers are elected at the postponed AGM.
  • Clause 13.1:  The Management Committee shall have a President, 3 Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer, and 8 to 10 Committee Members.
  • Clause 13.7: Expenditure of a sum exceeding $10,000 from the Society’s funds for the Society’s purposes shall be approved at the Committee Meeting.
  • Clauses 13.5, 16.4, 16.5, 19.1, 22.2 and 22.3: Delete all references to Commissioner of Charities in the Constitution appearing in clauses 13.5, 16.4, 16.5, 19.1, 22.2 and 22.3.

Click below for Proxy Form, kindly complete before 30 Jul 2020

For and on behalf of the FFM Management Committee
Ms Low Siew Kiang
Hon Secretary
Firefly Mission

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