[BABWO] New Junior High School Building


Project Summary:
The construction of a new Junior High School building to replace the existing building which is in very poor condition and not conducive for the education of these students.

Period: July 2013 to February 2014 (in progress)

Project Description:
Sanghamitta Seba Sangha Buddhist Orphanage (SSSBO) houses 124 boys and 12 girls who are under care of the Chief Patron Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero. Many of the children are from the surrounding area and come from very poor family or have lost their parents. The Bandarban Hill District is in an underdeveloped region of Bangladesh and being in a very remote area doesn’t receive any aid from NPOs or other development organisations. Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero is totally dependent on donations to buy daily food provisions and clothing for the children. With no access to healthcare, the children are often exposed to diseases including malaria and dysentery. The residential junior school provides the children their only means to advance themselves through education, thereby offering them the possibility of seeking gainful employment in the future.

Classes are held from Saturday to Thursday from 9:30am to 12pm, followed by lunch break from 12pm to 1pm, and continuation of classes from 1pm to 4:30pm. The current numbers of students who will benefit from the new school building are: Class 6 = 30 students, Class 7 = 23 students and Class 8 = 19 students.

Voices from the heart of SSSBO:
The teacher was teaching the student at tin shed broken school before built a new school building and within a year this situation has changed into good condition by the firefly mission of Singapore. It is really admirable and appreciate for donate a new school building for those students. The students got a new building. Now they are safe in the new school and peacefully studying and teacher also teaching without any difficulties. Thank you all for it.


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