[Bhutan] Nuns Ordination Ceremony

Project Summary:
The Nuns Ordination Ceremony, the first time the Getsulma Dhompa vows were taken on a large scale was held as a result of the discussion and debate at the 1st International Buddhist Nuns Conference on the topic of the ordination of nuns in Bhutan. The ceremony was organised by BNF and FFM is honoured to have the opportunity to fully support this very significant event.

Period: May 2014

Project Description:
The very significant Getsulma Dhompa (second level ordination) ceremony for 141 nuns from 7 nunneries was presided by His Holiness the Je Khenpo (the Chief Abbot of Bhutan’s Central Monastic Body) and attended by Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck. The ceremony was conducted at the Sangchhen Dorji Sendrup nunnery in Punakha.

The ordination ceremony was a very moving one and many tears flowed as HH the Je Khenpo spoke the special dedication to groups of three nuns each. The elderly nuns were especially moved as they had been unaware of how and where to receive ordination in Bhutan. In his closing speech, HH the Je Khenpo held everyone’s undivided attention as he explained the significance of the ordination. To quote Her Majesty the Queen Mother, ‘This is a historical day’.

Voices from the Heart:

Some nuns have said that in the past, many nuns simply could not receive this particular ordination just because they could not afford the sets of robes they are required to have. Therefore, I want our Singapore Firefly supporters to know that your contribution has made a huge impact on the lives of these nuns. The amount of merit one would gain from supporting this particular event is beyond words.Dr Tashi Zangmo, Founder of Bhutan Nuns Foundation
I have heard about this particular ordination but we never had the opportunity to receive this before. We are grateful to Bhutan Nuns Foundation for organizing this and making it possible for us.Fifty five year old Ani Choden, spoke during BBS interview
I feel very fortunate to be receiving the ordination.Another young nun of 27 year old
Thank you so much for organizing such an event for us. After I have received the ordination, I told my friends that I am happy even if I die now.One of the nuns called Dr Tashi the next morning

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