[Bhutan] Nuns Healthcare Fund

Project Summary:
The Nuns Healthcare Fund was established to enable nuns to seek necessary medical treatment.

Period: since May 2013

Project Description:
FFM volunteers learnt on their visit to remote nunneries that many nuns could not afford to seek medical treatment for their various illnesses and pains. The Healthcare Fund was established to enable nuns in-need to seek medical treatment. Other that medical costs, the fund also covered the costs incurred for travel, lodging and food as the nuns often have to travel from their remote nunneries to gain access to medical facilities. To-date, this fund has provided 7 nuns with access to medical care, including a young nun who underwent eye surgery for childhood cataract and who for many years had lived with blurred vision.

Voices from the Heart:

The young nun with the eye problem had a successful surgery and it was such a fulfilling thing for her … she had such a happy smile following the surgery and being able to see clearly.
Dr Tashi Zangmo, Founder of Bhutan Nuns Foundation

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