[Bhutan] Shedrup Choling Nunnery Construction

Project Summary:
The construction of a nuns living quarters for the nuns at Upper Chothpo Goenpa nunnery.

Period: January 2014 to current (near completion)

Project Description:
Shedrup Choling nunnery is located in Southern Bhutan. The nearest town is Gelephu which is 11 hours drive from Thimphu, capital of Bhutan. The nunnery is in a remote location reachable only via farm roads. In the summer, the farm road gets cut off due to flooding from heavy monsoon rains and the nuns have to walk to get to the nunnery.

There are currently 22 nuns ranging from 8 years to 32 years old staying at the nunnery and the Head Monk Teacher has had to turn away those interested to join the nunnery due to lack of facilities. The existing living quarters are very cramped and basic with wooden planks as walls, which are covered in newspapers to insulate from the cold winter. When completed, the new living quarters with sanitation facilities can accommodate 30 nuns. This construction project is fully supported by FFM.

Shedrup Choling Project Postcard (Nov2014) web

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